Friday, May 1, 2009


It's been a busy week at the "Roadhouse" So I'm going to take a slash and burn approach to some of the more prominent issues of the past few days.

Arlen Spector:
Good bye! Good Luck! Good riddance! Keep thinking that Republicans have moved too far to the right. You wouldn't recognize a real conservative if one beat the crap out of you in an upcoming election. Oh, maybe you would after all.

Scare Force One Flyover:
Sooo much irony here. What should New Yorkers expect from a guy who is completely clueless about terrorism and it's origins? Not to mention his terminal arrogance. You would think that the city largely responsible for his election would immediately assume it was "His Hopeness' " plane and not panic in the streets thinking it was another terrorist attack. Haven't they heard that our enemies love us now that President Bush is gone?

Swine Flu:
Told Ya!!! How many times does the left have to be told to close the border? "Slow-bama" says that closing the border now would make no sense because the virus is already here. Oh really? My question to him (since the brilliant media failed to ask it) is; WHAT ABOUT THE NEXT VIRUS, COLLEGE BOY?!!! What about the infected ILLEGALS who haven't crossed over yet? Now do we understand why immigrants are supposed to be screened for communicable diseases before they enter the country?


Dan O. said...

As usual, spot on.

Too bad this sense isn't common among more people.

JMK said...

100% right on ALL points!