Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yes, today was a good day. But knowing what I do about liberal tactics, I think it would be a bad idea to get too comfortable in our Supreme Court victory regarding the right to bare arms. For starters, it was a victory by one vote. That means that nearly fifty percent of our ruling Justices have no idea what the constitution they are sworn to uphold says.
When I wrote my book, I got quite an education about the importance of decisions made by the Supreme Court. I had no idea just how a person's everyday life is effected by who sits on the bench. That's why I wrote an entire chapter on the Courts and put it at the end of the book for maximum resonance.
For those of us who pay a little more attention to things since September 11th, today was less of a victory, and more of a wake-up call. It was also a learning experience. I learned that our liberties are hanging by a thread. I learned that there are a lot of people that would actually prefer to have no coarse of action in the face of a crack-head that breaks into their house at night. I learned that there are people out there who have no problem leaving their wives. daughters, and grandparents defenseless in the face of muggers, rapists, gang-bangers, and other assorted debris. I learned that the Mayors of New York City and Chicago are bloomin' idiots following their comments after the ruling.
Most importantly, I learned that I finally have a reason to put a "John McCain" sign in my front yard. Considering the age of some of our Supreme Court Justices, you can bet that the next President will be nominating at least two new Justices during their term in office. Granted, I do not know for sure that McCain would nominate Justices that understand and respect our constitution, but I am sure that Obamma would not. That alone makes it a question of simple logic. Either open the door that you know confines a tiger, or the one that might confine a tiger.

Yesterday, I was ready and willing to either sit this election out, or write-in Fred Thompson's name. Today, I almost lost one of my most basic rights as a human being. Therefore, all I can say is, "GO McCAIN!"