Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I must admit, on the issue of tomorrow's planned "tea parties", I am torn. Given the direction of our nation in recent months, I agree with the premise of a massive public uprising of some sort, but I'm not sure about equating the events of April 15th with the tea party of pre-revolutionary war Boston.
First of all, the original tea party was much more than a group of people marching around holding signs in hopes of being noticed by the media or government "leadership". The Boston tea party was a group of men who stormed private property and violently took over cargo ships and destroyed their freight. By some accounts, some of the ship's crew were even tarred and feathered.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not speaking out against what our forefathers did back in the day. I support their historic actions and realize their necessity. My point is to remind you that there is a difference between an organized peaceful protest on public ground reserved by permit, and a group of armed men dressed as Indians raiding a foreign vessel and dumping it's cargo into the harbor.

Second, as someone who has been witness to the tactics of the left for some years now, I can predict a few things about tomorrow. The George Soros crowd will be in full force in hopes of disrupting an otherwise peaceful demonstration of political differences. I predict that there will be Obama-bots masquerading as white supremacists and religious fanatics in hopes of making the conservative movement look like a bunch of nut jobs. I can also look into my crystal ball and see them trying to incite some sort of violence among the crowd as well. I hope this doesn't happen, but let's be realistic.

Third, the media is going to spin this as they see fit, according to their agenda. If two million people show up and protest peacefully, the media will claim that a "few thousand radicals" showed up to oppose President Obama's message of hope in a time of healing. Then there is the obligatory media interview of the most toothless, in-articulate, angry American loudmouth they can find, so as to paint all conservatives as back-woods rejects from the cast of "Deliverance".

Fourth, President Obama does not care how many people show up or what they have to say. He sees us as ignorant, un-educated, peasants who are beneath him in both stature and intellect. He believes...no, knows that he is better than we "commoners" and has no regard for anything we believe in. If he or his administration pays any attention to these tea parties at all, it will be purely by accident, or for their own amusement.

I hope the tea parties are a success and draw millions of Americans. I hope they make an impact on the people we've elected. I hope the media reports the events accurately. I hope the infiltrators fail in their mission. But a wise truck driver once told me "Shit in one hand, and hope in the other, and see which one fills up first".