Wednesday, November 4, 2015


    As a working man, I can tell you in all honesty that I am not always a fan of reality.  For me, "reality" is a mortgage, electric bill, gray hair, and high cholesterol.  Like most, my reality includes a list of things that do not always match my personal desires.  I may desire to be seven feet tall, but reality has deemed me to be a more common six.  I may desire to be Asian, but reality has deemed me to be caucasian.

     Complicating my life further is reality's complete lack of sympathy for my "feelings".  I may really, really feel like a 350 lb. Sumo wrestler, but then that pesky reality shows up in my bathroom mirror in the form of a 185 lb. truck driver.  I may really, really, really feel like a police officer, but I suspect that reality will step-in again the first time I try to arrest someone, or drive off in the Sheriff's squad car.
     So, what if I simply refuse to accept this intrusion of reality into my otherwise normal life?  Maybe if I simply proclaim that I am the Emperor of our local shopping mall, I can claim a Royal entitlement to unlimited access to the food court.  In fact, isn't it my "right" to demand that every other man woman and child in the United States of America accommodate my delusion?
     To aid in my quest to popularize dementia, I'm pretty sure I can rely on the media to take up my cause by convincing the masses that I am worthy of their sympathy.  They can assist further by recruiting "experts" to teach us that anyone who disagrees with my fantasy-play-fest is guilty of a hate crime.  It will only be a matter of time before I am hailed as a hero.  What can possibly go wrong?
     Now back to REALITY!  In the real world, you can pretend to be something you're not as much as you want.  It's a free country, and it's your business...that is, until it becomes my business.  The problem is, this is not the United States of YOU!  The rest of us live here too, and we have rights.  Such as the right to not be forced to live a lie on account of someone else's "feelings".
     So who do we blame for this absurdity?  The left?  The media?  The schools?  The courts?  Absolutely, but let's not forget the "enabler" crowd.  These are the friends and family of those suffering from "gender confusion".  So caught up in a desire to be politically correct on one hand, but supportive on the other, they fall for the socially engineered hype cobbled together in university faculty lounges.
     Rather than steer their loved one back onto the road to reality,  they exacerbate the problem by playing along.  If their son "feels" like a female, they refer to him as "her" and demand that the rest of us follow suite.  They fight for his "right" to use the same bathroom as my eleven year old daughter while complimenting his choice of eye shadow.  All the while expecting me to play along.     
     As for me, I refuse to comply.  If I recognize your natural gender, that's exactly what I'm going to refer to you as.  I'm not being rude, I'm being honest.  Which is more than I can say for someone trying to bully me into denying reality.     
     Beyond simple reality, both truth and basic compassion demand that we grow up and start acting like adults.  The Bruce Jenners of the world need help, not appeasement.  Is it any wonder that the suicide rate among the "trans-gendered" is so high when the people closest to them are going out of their way to add to their confusion?  
     It is said that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and Jenner's family has paved many-a-mile...with the help of his adoring fans and "supporters".