Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yes, nothing instills confidence in your country's leadership than hearing your President say to the entire world "I screwed up" their SECOND WEEK. The real shame of it is not so much that a sitting President would say such a thing on camera...purposely, but the real kick in the head is why he did it.
Not to buck a trend, Barack Obama decided to appoint yet another Clinton left-over that would eventually be discovered as a tax cheat. Even after Tom Daschel was publicly outed as being hypocrite/tax dodger Obama continued to stand by him. Only after Daschel took himself out of the picture, did Obama admit his poor choice of appointment. The obvious question then becomes; If Daschel had not taken himself out of the picture, would Obama have kept him on despite his aversion to paying the same taxes that he so vigorously forces us to pay? Well, if Timothy Geithner and Hillary Clinton are any indication, I must assume that he would have. Now that Daschel has pulled the ripcord, will Obama tell Geithner to hit the road? No.

In his zeal to destroy America in record time, Obama has already confirmed my worst fears in only two weeks. He has demonstrated a complete lack of ethics by appointing and nominating one crook after another to the most important positions in government. This could also be an indicator of his intellect, and maybe even a total contempt for this country.
Then there is his "green lighting" of nationalized health care for children, which confirms my suspicion that he's a communist in moderate sheep's clothing, or just an idiot that doesn't understand the free market.

In any case, it's good to know that when I "forget" to pay my taxes this year, I won't have to worry about the media villainizing me. Apparently, I can count on them to cover for me and not ask too many questions that might make me look bad in public.