Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Due to recent event's, I thought it would be a good time to write about an old school political topic. Before there were swiftboat veterans, hanging chads, or even the Watergate Hotel, there were men and women. Since the creation of the male and female form, there have been differences between the two. Aside from the obvious, there are differences that we tend to joke about, but not always take seriously.
Let's be honest, men and women think differently. Does this mean that one thinks better, or more effectively than the other? No. Besides, it almost always depends on circumstances. For instance, my wife can't understand my fascination with what most mothers refer to as "potty humor". But just as sure as a fart is funny, she can find total enchantment with most "chick flicks". Are one of us wrong? No. Just different.
I can look at most any kind of machine and probably figure out it's basic mechanical function dynamics within a matter of minutes, where as my wife would only see a "bunch of metal thingies". On the other hand, my wife can muti-task like a freaking robot. Are one of us wrong? No. Just different.

I accept these differences in thinking because there is no real reason not to. Yet there are some differences that need to be acknowledged and accepted regardless of social popularity. For instance, men are generally more able to handle physically demanding jobs such as firefighting or Alaska king crab fishing. Not because women are a lesser being, but because they are physically different.
When we ignore these difference for the sake of political correctness or liberal dogma, we end up with firefighters who can't carry a 250lb. man out of a burning building while wearing an oxygen tank and turn-out gear. Or you end up with a pregnant soldier who should be on the battlefield helping protect her fellow man, instead of taking up bed space and doctor time at a military hospital for the sake of her childbirth.

As Sarah Palin makes her first steps toward Vice President of the United States, there are a few things that we should remember. Presidents are usually not required to carry people out of burning buildings or storm enemy strongholds. They are usually not required to wrestle steel crab pots onto the bow of a moving crab boat while being thrown around by the Bering Sea. They are usually not required to tear down and re-assemble a 454 big block either.
They are required to understand the Constitution and make the decisions that are required to protect it. If my wife is any indication of the decision making abilities of a typical woman, I think we have nothing to fear from a conservative VP that happens to be a woman. My wife's decision making skills are usually "spot on". After all, she married me.