Sunday, October 26, 2008


Tools you will need:
1. Candidate willing to destroy America
2. Accommodating media
3. Easily distracted population
4. Poor public education system
5. Radical socialist agenda

Step one:
Find perfect candidate. Preferably a tall, handsome, articulate black male. Tall and handsome to project strength while seeming too adorable to be evil. Black to take full advantage of white guilt. This will also inoculate the candidate from serious criticism by claiming racism whenever someone disagrees with his policy. Ideally, the candidate should be a radical leftist with a silver tongue. This will insure that he will institute the proper "America killing" policies before the people realize what hit them.

Step two:
Create a media so bent on the destruction of those who do not agree with their agenda, that they are willing to sacrifice the country to assure their enemy's political demise. This will be useful for propaganda purposes. In the event that a long list of communist, terrorist, or or generally America hating associates should happen to plague your candidate, your media will be able to down-play his association with them and imply that the opposition is racist or "out of touch" for even asking about it. This will give your candidate "gravitas" and legitimacy where normally there would be neither.

Step Three:
Be sure your candidate is skilled in making his policies sound like spun gold. This is accomplished by the constant use of vague catch phrases, mottoes, and slogans. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Remember, the fewer details the better. The last thing you want is to have to elaborate on the consequences of your candidate's real agenda. As often as possible, use phrases like; middle class, working family, single mom, greed, corporate fat cats, right to choose, special interests, de-regulation, and any other vagaries that your team can come up with.

Step four:
Be sure that your candidate is elected coinciding with a congress that will accept and promote his agenda.

Step five:
The best agenda for destroying America is socialism. Therefore, your candidate will need to institute policies such as income re-distribution and nationalized health care under the guise of "fairness".

Step six:
You will need to institute an "entitlement mentality" among the populous. This can be done by promoting labor unions, increasing/extending unemployment benefits and controlling the public schools.

Step seven:
You will need to squelch the people's ability to hear opposing opinions or educate themselves. This is accomplished via the "fairness doctrine" and Internet taxation.

Step eight:
Nominate Supreme Court Justices that will allow you to shape and mold the Constitution as you see fit. This you will allow you to disregard the right of the unborn to live. It will also allow you to disregard the right of people to protect themselves from the criminal element and your new oppressive government. It will also allow you to confiscate personal property for government profit.

Step nine:
Demoralize your military by cutting their budget and rendering their accomplishments and sacrifices in Iraq moot. This is best accomplished by pulling out of Iraq before the Iraqis are ready to defend and govern themselves. You can also hasten the process by giving constitutional rights to terrorists picked up on the battlefield in other countries.

Step ten:
Destroy the value of the US dollar. This is best accomplished by increasing taxes on the "wealthy". This will result in lay-offs, fewer factory orders, higher prices on goods and services, and higher poverty rates. Also, continue to promote the idea of giving loans to people who would not normally be able to afford them.

This ten step program (if properly implemented) is your best bet for the absolute destruction of the United States.