Monday, June 9, 2008


It was all fun and games when the left simply scorned those of us who drive SUV's and occasionally vandalized such vehicles. We all sat back and laughed as they tilted at their windmills and generally showed themselves to be the fools that they are. We assumed that the rest of the world saw them as illogical weirdos as well. We were wrong.
In reality, they were getting press, and gaining social acceptance. Still, we laughed. Why wouldn't we? After all, everyone knew why the SUV makes such a great vehicle...right? Apparently not.
So now that the left has successfully priced the cost of operating an SUV beyond the reach of most people today, I feel it is my duty to explain to the left exactly why many of us drive SUV's in the first place.
Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with any sort of inferiority complex or image issues. It has everything to do with practicality. First, there is this thing called S-N-O-W. It's this white stuff that falls from the sky and makes the road slippery, and tends to pile up on the road in rural areas where plows don't get to right away. Despite the presence of snow, some of us still need to go to work, and get the kids to school, get the groceries, or even go to the doctor's office. You see, snow has it's own schedule.
Another factor in purchasing an SUV is towing capacity. Some people like to boat, or ride dirt bikes. Others like to ride jet skis, or race cars. Still others do landscaping, lawn maintenance or light excavation work to make ends meet. All of these activities require a vehicle that has enough power and stability to haul extra weight and still bring the family, friends or co-workers along for the ride.
Personally, for me the most important reason for owning an SUV is my family. I am one of those wackos who actually like their family. I also have a basic understanding of physics. You see, I have no way of knowing what type of crash my family may or may not ever be involved in. But I do know that I would like them to survive it.
Consider the following scenario: You are forced at gun point to be put into a vehicle that is in the path of an 80,000 pound big rig. You are told that this truck is going to ram you, and if you live, you will be given a million dollars. You are given the option of being put into a Prius or a Hummer. Which one do you pick?
Then there is the "real world" environmental reasons for owning an SUV. Which causes more environmental damage? The manufacturing and maintenance required in owning two vehicles to cover your many needs, or just one that can do everything that you might require.
Probably the most obvious reason for me to own an SUV is really pretty simple. I just want one. Isn't that enough? This is still America...isn't it?