Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Let's take the morality issue off the table. Not because it's irrelevant, but because explaining morality to liberals is akin to explaining quantum physics to me. It may be real, and it may be important, but it goes right over their heads. Others simply play the "morality is subjective" card, as opposed to standing up for what they know to be right. We might as well take the whole hypocrisy issue off the table while we're at it.
Instead, I will approach the Gov. Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal from the point of simple logic. If you are a janitor, and get caught with a prostitute, outside of your family and marital situation, the implications are probably not far reaching. Worst cast scenario, a pimp or "ho" shakes you down for a few shekels by threatening to tell your wife if you don't pay up. But what if you're a Governor? What could an enterprising crime syndicate shake you down for? Pardons? Parking tickets? Zoning issues? Legislation? Votes? Public support? Looking the other way at a crime? Judgeships? Case assignments? Political pressure? Etc. etc.
It's one thing to be caught in an affair, but when you add prostitution to the mix, a whole new can of worms is torn open. After all, the last time I checked, prostitution rings were not usually operated by the Boy Scouts or sewing circles. To cry "no big deal" only shows a complete lack of foresight on this issue.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for party loyalty, but there comes a time when you have to say "Hey Dude, you're on your own with this one bro' ". Otherwise, don't you run the risk of becoming the party of no standards? Don't you lose the ability to complain about the antics of your opposition when you can't even speak out against the lawlessness of those in your own party? When a parent refuses to come to grips with the fact that their child is a bully, thief, or any other type of criminal, are they not an accomplice in their child's next crime? What does that say about Mom and Dad's ability to parent?
So over the next few days, I think we should take this opportunity to learn exactly what kind "parent" the Democratic party is as they try to figure out just how to deal with one of their favorite sons.