Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm trying very hard to not let my blog become just another outlet for Obamma-bashing. Unfortunately, B.O. keeps saying things that are fit for nothing more than ridicule. Today was no exception.
He claimed to not understand why people want English to be the official language of America. For once, he said something that I agree with...he "don't understand". While lamenting his puzzlement, he said that he too believes that immigrants should learn English and then went on to claim that "they will". I don't know what planet he's talking about, but here on Earth immigrants (especially Hispanics) are making little to no effort to learn our language. But that's for another post.

Today, I would like to offer my teaching services and explain to Senator Obamma why some of us "bitter clingers" want English to be our official language.
First, I don't have time to learn the hundred-or-so languages of the many people who immigrate here. I doubt that the rest of the population does either. Wouldn't it make more sense to require our new citizens to each learn just one new language?
Second, if you look at all of our founding documents, they are all written in one language. Would you like to take a guess as to what that language is? If you guessed French, you are a big fat loser. If our founding fathers would have wanted Spanish to be our official language, they would have written the Declaration of Independence in Spanish.
Third, though there are people from around the globe who are bi-lingual, the most popular second language spoken in other countries is English. There is a reason for that. People recognize English as the language most likely to help you become successful in life. It allows you to have an advantage over non-English speakers because it is the key to navigating in so many countries.
Fourth, it's just the best way to get so many people from so many places on the same page with their new countrymen. In my line of work, I see it all the time. I might be working with three different people from three different countries, but we can all communicate because we all speak the same language...English.

I guess B.O.'s vast experience in the Senate (143 days) did not provide him with the understanding that pretty-much any average truck driver like myself seems to have. Maybe Obamma should learn a few things about the country he wants to be President of, before he lectures us about what we need to learn.