Monday, March 31, 2008


As I wrote in my book, I was much happier before I became aware of the world around me. I referenced the movie "The Matrix" as an analogy for my evolution from liberal to conservative. When Neo was given the option of red or blue pill, he could not have foreseen the world that would be revealed to him via the red pill. The blue pill would allow him to continue on with what he believed to be his safe and comfortable life. He chose the red.
When the real world was revealed to him, Neo had much to fear, much to learn and he surely had regrets about his choice. Like Neo, after September eleventh 2001...I chose the red pill.

I remember my comfortable life as a liberal. I had all the answers. I was more "enlightened" and better educated than those right wing tards I worked with. After all, I watched "Murphy Brown", so I had to be smart. Truth be told...I was a blooming idiot.
As I look back at my former liberal self, I finally realize what the attraction to liberalism is. Liberalism is just easy! It's no more complicated than that. It's just easy.
What other philosophy grants you total immunity from responsibility and purpose? What other ideology entitles you to have others pull your weight? What other moral code gives you the green light to pass the buck when you are at fault for something?

You see, in the world of liberalism, it is up to someone else to meet your needs. What could be better than that? Dependency as a virtue is the underlying theme of liberalism. This is all well and good, until the ones we depend on are destroyed by machines that are programmed to kill us all. Or when our "benefactors" are compromised by a rogue program bent on complete domination.
Who saves us then? The morally bankrupt? The couch potato? The pot-head? The defenseless dependant who looks to the government to wipe his rear end?
Will the homo-sexuals rise up and defend us with the same fury that they defend their "right" to destroy marriage? Will the feminized metro-sexual male risk his quaff to defend his government issued meal ticket? No. Why, you ask? Because it would not be easy.

I know my analogy is not perfect, as I am not "the one" as was Neo in the movie. I do like to think of myself as one of the people of Zion doing everything in my power to stop the machines. I do this knowing full well that it will not be "easy".

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Green Green Gas of Home

Being a truck driver gives me a front row seat in the train wreck that is our nation's energy policy. It also exposes me to hundreds of varying opinions about it. Between talk radio and the C.B. radio, I have no shortage of theories to consider. And since truckers are arguably the biggest casualties of our energy policy, I feel obliged to clear the air (no pun intended) about our so-called "fuel crises".
First of all, there is no "fuel crises". A crises is when you suffer from something for which there are little or no options, usually something that you could not have predicted or controlled. Cancer is a crises. Your house burning down is a crises. Your plane developing engine problems mid-flight is a crises. The cost of fuel and it's ripple effect throughout the economy is NOT a crises. It is a result. Worse yet, it is a result that anyone with the most basic education in economics probably saw coming. That alone explains why liberals can't figure it out.
Contrary to media-spun belief, we are not paying more at the pump because of greedy oil companies. Do they make an un-Godly amount of money? Maybe. But you have to consider the sheer size of the typical oil company. Think about it. Exxon-Mobil alone employs thousands, if-not millions of people around the entire globe. From the gas station attendant to a corporate V.P. Then consider how many gas stations they have in every country. How many oil wells? How many oil tankers? How many oil trucks? How many pipe lines? How many refineries? Don't forget, we're not just talking gasoline. They also produce specialty fuels and lubricants for trucks, planes, ships, homes, industries, etc. etc. Then you have to consider how many gallons of these fuels are being pumped every day all over the world. The point is, there is no way to escape the massive profits being made at the upper tier of the petroleum world, for no other reason than the massive size of the industry.
So if it's not greed, then what is it that's driving the price of fuel?

The short answer is: gullibility. For some reason, we bought into the idea that animals come before people. So, we supported environmentalist legislators that put the needs of animals ahead of the needs of the nation. The result was that we have not built a new oil refinery in America for over thirty years. Yet the demand for refined oil (fuel) grows every hour.
Then, we bought into the idea that man is creating global warming via his consumption of oil. Even though man had not invented the SUV until well after the melting of two ice ages. So, we supported environmentalist legislators that put the needs of, well...pretty much no one ahead of the needs of the nation. The result was that we are turning our food into fuel, and wondering why the price of food is going up.
You see, ethanol comes from corn. Corn is a crop that used to be grown for food, but is now grown for gasoline. Roughly the same amount of corn is grown, but now is in twice as much demand. Original demand=food, new demand=gasoline and food. Since everyone eats, and most food is related in some way to corn, we are talking a big-honkin' demand being put on corn producers...hence the shortage of corn...hence the price of corn (our food) going up.

As if this weren't enough, we supported all of this, knowing full well that the Middle East and other America-hating and/or third world countries were going to be the ones who sell us our oil. The result was that if they decide to bring the price of crude oil up to 100 dollars a barrel, we get to bend over and take it.

So to watch our country fall apart for sake of the "green movement" is sad to say the least. Especially when the answer to our problems is right under our noses...LITERALLY! It's called O-I-L, and we can pull it out of our own ground whenever we want to. It's like watching someone starve to death in the middle of a grocery store, and blaming it on the grocery store owner. Then, when you ask him why he don't just buy some groceries, he says, "Al Gore told me not to".

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Free Tibet! How?

For years, we have seen the "Free Tibet" bumper sticker slapped across the bumpers of Volvo wagons and VW Beetles that rattle down the interstate. No one ever questions how the driver assumes Tibet should be freed. Diplomacy? Political pressure? Sanctions? I often wonder if the drivers of these fender-flapping rattle-traps have ever heard of a little country called China? Do they know what a communist country is all about? Well, let's just say that diplomacy is not their strong suit.
Of coarse, there's always a muti-lateral coalition of nations that oppose the oppression of Tibet. I'm pretty sure that Europe just can't wait to swat that hornet's nest that is China with their big stick. Like France would even have a big stick.
Last but not least, we have the dreaded "W" word. Oh, that's right. The same vehicles that proudy display the "Free Tibet" bumper sticker, usually have a "War is NOT the Answer" sticker right next to it. Back to the drawing board.
Sorry Tibet, you're on your own.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I go to great lengths to not write about my religious beliefs. Not out of shame, but because I want people to realize that conservatism is not strictly for Christians. I want to reach as many people as possible and relate the "Right's" philosophy to their life, regardless of their religion or lack-there-of. For the purposes of tonight's post, I am going to veer from my cardinal rule of keeping my religion close to my vest. This week, a window into the world of Sen. Barrack Obamma has been open. Well, smashed with a brick is probably more like it. Now that the video footage of Sen. Obamma's pastor has been made public, we should all be asking the same questions.
Does Sen. Obamma believe this stuff too? How can you attend a church for twenty years and never know this about your pastor until now? Did Pastor Wright only chose the Sundays when Barrack was not attending to spout his hatred of America and whites, and then swear the entire church to secrecy? Was this secret really kept from Sen. Obamma for twenty years? I watched an interview with Sen. Obamma responding to the comments that his pastor had shouted from the pulpit. An amazing thing happened. The Obamma that on any given day can speak with the finesse of some of the great orators of our time started to stammer and even studder. It was like a whole different person was coming to light. As expected, he used a whole lot of words, yet said nothing. The difference this time was that he was speaking in the same tones that I myself use when my wife catches me putting the laundry on the wrong setting. As if to say, "I know I just got caught, but I don't have a good excuse handy right now".

You see, I know a little bit about this topic, because I go to church myself. In fact, in the time since my own pastor retired, I have been to quite a few churches. That's because my wife and I have yet to find a church that we feel comfortable in and some of them have preached a message that we do not fully agree with. We believe that such a decision is our right as well as our duty. Heck, I demanded that we leave a church recently because I felt that a sermon was too insulting to those who believe in controlling the U.S. border. The point is, when you attend a church, you should be on the same page as your pastor. He is there to teach you his/her interpretation of the word of God. He is there to mentor you and your family. He is there to guide you spiritually. He is there to lead you in your quest to find salvation and enlightenment. If you don't believe him, you are in the wrong church. If you don't agree with him, you are in the wrong church. If you don't respect him, you are in the wrong church.

From this I draw the following conclusions:

Possibility # 1: He didn't know his pastor was an anti-American racist. That means he is too oblivious to be President.

Possibility #2: He knew, but thought no one would find out. That means he is too stupid to be President.

Possibility #3: He Knew, but thought he could talk or distract his way out of it. That means that he is too arrogant to be President.

Possibility #4: The pastor and his entire congregation are really, really, good at keeping secrets from Senator Obamma.

Possibility #5: His pastor has one of those "flashy things" that Will Smith used in Men In Black. That really doesn't disqualify Obamma from being President, but it does mean that we are not alone.

Possibility #6: He actually agrees with Pastor Wright, yet wants us to think otherwise. That qualifies him to be President of any America-hating country on the globe, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Move, the Communist Party, the Democrat Party, The Dixie Chicks, Hollywood, Al-Quaeda, most labor unions, the United Nations and his local housing association...but not the United States of America.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Let's take the morality issue off the table. Not because it's irrelevant, but because explaining morality to liberals is akin to explaining quantum physics to me. It may be real, and it may be important, but it goes right over their heads. Others simply play the "morality is subjective" card, as opposed to standing up for what they know to be right. We might as well take the whole hypocrisy issue off the table while we're at it.
Instead, I will approach the Gov. Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal from the point of simple logic. If you are a janitor, and get caught with a prostitute, outside of your family and marital situation, the implications are probably not far reaching. Worst cast scenario, a pimp or "ho" shakes you down for a few shekels by threatening to tell your wife if you don't pay up. But what if you're a Governor? What could an enterprising crime syndicate shake you down for? Pardons? Parking tickets? Zoning issues? Legislation? Votes? Public support? Looking the other way at a crime? Judgeships? Case assignments? Political pressure? Etc. etc.
It's one thing to be caught in an affair, but when you add prostitution to the mix, a whole new can of worms is torn open. After all, the last time I checked, prostitution rings were not usually operated by the Boy Scouts or sewing circles. To cry "no big deal" only shows a complete lack of foresight on this issue.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for party loyalty, but there comes a time when you have to say "Hey Dude, you're on your own with this one bro' ". Otherwise, don't you run the risk of becoming the party of no standards? Don't you lose the ability to complain about the antics of your opposition when you can't even speak out against the lawlessness of those in your own party? When a parent refuses to come to grips with the fact that their child is a bully, thief, or any other type of criminal, are they not an accomplice in their child's next crime? What does that say about Mom and Dad's ability to parent?
So over the next few days, I think we should take this opportunity to learn exactly what kind "parent" the Democratic party is as they try to figure out just how to deal with one of their favorite sons.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I saw two things this week that supports my theory that liberalism is probably a mental disorder, not unlike schizophrenia or Down's syndrome. First, I saw burning homes in the Pacific Northwest. These palacial new homes were allegedly set afire by so-called "environmentalists". The pessimist in me believes that in all likelihood, this is the case. The optimist in me hopes that a more logical theory can be applied. I'd like to think that it was not the "greenie weenies" who torched these homes. Because if they did, that would mean that they are even more mentally challenged than I had originally thought. I'd like to think that in actuality, it was either a building contractor or lumber supply company that burnt these homes in hopes of "double dipping" on the price of a new home via insurance payouts.
This theory appeals to me because it is easier to rationalize in my head. Though I am not a big fan of crime, the "double dipping" theory does follow a train of logic. Unfortunately, the authorities seem to believe that there is sufficient evidence to implicate the Earth Liberation Front (collection of mentally unstable environmental wackos). So I must assume the police are right.
This means that the E.L.F. is a group that believes that the destruction of trees is bad, and their way of dealing with this is to destroy more trees. After all, these houses will surely be rebuilt...with lumber. They also believe that pollution is bad, and their way of dealing with this is by putting caustic gasses and smoke into the air. After all, where there's fire, there's smoke. Let's not forget the pollution and energy consumption required to manufacture and deliver the materials for constructing these homes...twice. Let's also not forget the diesel engines that run the firetrucks and the polluted water that runs off as a result of fighting a fire.
I'm sure that the E.L.F. justifies their actions by saying that they are bringing their issues to the media forefront. The last time I checked, terrorism was not a very productive means of promoting one's issues. The Taliban wanted to get noticed. How's that workin' out for them?

The second thing I saw this week was an HBO documentary. It chronicled the "Gates Project" in New York City. This was not nearly the example of insanity that the E.L.F. story was, but it still applies. The "Gates Project" was the art exhibit that you may have heard about last year in Central Park. Basically, two artists were able to convince New York City to allow them to install hundreds of blaze-orange, metal, wicket-shaped eyesores, straddling the walkways throughout the park. Each standing approx. 15 feet tall, and sporting matching orange drapes that were later released from hidden recesses on the top of each wicket.
As I watched the documentary, it became apparent to me that the artists were very comfortably living out their senile years. It also became apparent to me that with the right connections, you can sell anything to a New York City mayor. I did not get to see the entire documentary, so I was not able to find out for sure exactly who paid for this very expensive endeavor. This is probably for the best. To think of tax payers funding this while so many problems have not been solved would be too much for me to handle.
They should have used those orange gates to encircle New York City. That way there would be a clear line of demarcation that lets you know when you have entered Bizarro World.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


When I am King, I will govern with a true conservative ideology. The following will be my "to do" list following my swearing-in ceremony.

1. Executive order: All environmental limitations regarding drilling, exploration, or refining of oil will be lifted.
Result: All oil supplying countries around the globe crap their pants, then commence the kissing of American asses wherever they may be. Terrorists everywhere are rounded-up and turned-in to American authorities as an act of "good will" toward America. O.P.E.C. increases production and drops the price of crude by twenty dollars per barrel simply out of fear that I may actually be serious about drilling for our own oil right here. Americans across the country return to spending money on goods and services, as opposed to gasoline. Wall Street responds in kind.

2. Executive order: All laws regarding immigration will henceforth be recognised, respected, and enforced to the maximum ability of our judicial system. If you are here illegally, you will be deported. You will be given an alternate option of joining your choice of U.S. military branch after intense education in our language and cultural norms. Companies guilty of hiring illegals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Result: The nation becomes more secure. Illegals self-deport and stop coming here due to lack of easy access. Health care costs drop due to no longer bearing the weight of illegal immigrants. Children's education scores improve due to shrinking of class sizes and less distraction due to language barriers. Car insurance rates drop due to no longer bearing the weight of uninsured illegal drivers. Traffic in metropolitan areas reduces due to the millions of illegal immigrants that are no longer on the road. Gas prices drop again, this time due to decreased demand from those same illegal immigrant drivers. Crime rates across the U.S. drops for obvious reasons. The judicial and prison systems become less clogged for those same reasons. Billions of U.S. dollars are not sent to third world countries but stay right here in our economy. Immigrants who respect our laws and come here LEGALLY are finally given the respect they deserve and love our country even more. The price of tomatoes doubles, but people gladly buy them knowing that they were picked by people who respect our laws.

3. I call out by name all those in Congress who are actively working to institute socialist ideology and make it my pet project to educate the people about them and actively try to end their careers in U.S. government. The days of "reaching across the isle" are over.
I instruct my Attorney General to bring charges against any member of congress or the media who's actions or comments can be deemed treasonous.
Result: People think before they speak.

4. I remind the American people that they are responsible for their choices in life, not the government.
Result: Billions of tax payer dollars are not spent bailing out failed corporations, farms, or mortgage loans. Sub-result: People think before they act.

5. I challenge the scientific community to prove that global warming is caused by man, and veto all legislation that limits growth or liberty on account of the global warming scam.
Result: Scientific community craps their pants and goes back to the drawing board. Sub-result: Americans can drive the kind of cars they want to drive. Expensive, mercury-laden CFL bulbs are no longer the rage. We become the top dog of industry again. New technologies are developed that actually do help the environment.

6. I proudly lower taxes on the rich, and make no apologies for it.
Result: "The rich" buy lots and lots of stuff. Stuff that needs to be manufactured by American workers. Unemployment becomes too low to accurately gauge. "The rich" invest billions of untaxed wealth in markets here and abroad, creating more rich people. Sub-result: The U.S. treasury collects record high revenues, and the dollar is stronger than at any other time in history.

7. I tell the media to get bent. Result: They still don't like the conservative guy.