Monday, March 31, 2008


As I wrote in my book, I was much happier before I became aware of the world around me. I referenced the movie "The Matrix" as an analogy for my evolution from liberal to conservative. When Neo was given the option of red or blue pill, he could not have foreseen the world that would be revealed to him via the red pill. The blue pill would allow him to continue on with what he believed to be his safe and comfortable life. He chose the red.
When the real world was revealed to him, Neo had much to fear, much to learn and he surely had regrets about his choice. Like Neo, after September eleventh 2001...I chose the red pill.

I remember my comfortable life as a liberal. I had all the answers. I was more "enlightened" and better educated than those right wing tards I worked with. After all, I watched "Murphy Brown", so I had to be smart. Truth be told...I was a blooming idiot.
As I look back at my former liberal self, I finally realize what the attraction to liberalism is. Liberalism is just easy! It's no more complicated than that. It's just easy.
What other philosophy grants you total immunity from responsibility and purpose? What other ideology entitles you to have others pull your weight? What other moral code gives you the green light to pass the buck when you are at fault for something?

You see, in the world of liberalism, it is up to someone else to meet your needs. What could be better than that? Dependency as a virtue is the underlying theme of liberalism. This is all well and good, until the ones we depend on are destroyed by machines that are programmed to kill us all. Or when our "benefactors" are compromised by a rogue program bent on complete domination.
Who saves us then? The morally bankrupt? The couch potato? The pot-head? The defenseless dependant who looks to the government to wipe his rear end?
Will the homo-sexuals rise up and defend us with the same fury that they defend their "right" to destroy marriage? Will the feminized metro-sexual male risk his quaff to defend his government issued meal ticket? No. Why, you ask? Because it would not be easy.

I know my analogy is not perfect, as I am not "the one" as was Neo in the movie. I do like to think of myself as one of the people of Zion doing everything in my power to stop the machines. I do this knowing full well that it will not be "easy".


Seane-Anna said...

Ease. It's not your fault. Dependency is good. The seductive messages of liberalism. Just as I thought. Spot on, Terry!

JMK said...

You're not alone. David Mamet, the world reknowned playwright recently converted, crediting Thomas Sowell, whom he called "the greatest philosopher of the 20th Century, and added, "I'm no longer a brain-dead Liberal."

And as Seane-Anna says, the message of liberalism, that "nothing's your own fault," and that "the government should take care of all our needs," can certainly be least until you consider the cost/price.