Monday, September 8, 2008


As we prepare for the arrival of our second child, my attention has been drifting from the world of politics over the past few weeks. In fact, I almost took a hiatus from blogging and watching the news last week just to clear my head for the upcoming roller coaster that I/we will soon be riding. Then the Palin speech happened.
Though I am a relative newcomer to the political world, I like to think I've learned alot of things. But nothing compares to the education I received in the first week of September, 2008.

I learned that feminism is officially out of business. For decades now, the left has been brow-beating us into accepting the fact that a woman can do anything a man can do. They have scorned men for not accepting the fact that a woman can both "bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan." But as of last week, the liberal mantra has been that a woman should "stay home with the kids". Conversely, I learned that a father doesn't amount to a hill of beans. I can imagine how Todd Palin feels when the liberal media implies that Sarah Palin is practically abandoning her children by accepting the nomination for VP. He's probably thinking "Hey, what Am I? Chopped liver?"
I learned that a truly loving mother should throw the world's biggest guilt trip onto her daughter by rejecting an offer to be Vice President of the United States. I learned that a prospective Vice President's personal life is everyone's business...unless your name is Clinton, Obama, or Biden. After all, being a mother is a distraction to the duties of the office, but getting a "BJ" in the Oval Office and the resulting lies under oath are not our business.
I learned that P-Diddy thinks we should vote for people according to how many crack-heads and black people live in their state. I learned that P-Diddy seems to equate crack-heads with black people. I learned that P-Diddy thinks we should vote for people who's constituents are made up of crack-heads and criminals. I learned that P-Diddy thinks crime is a virtue to one's state.
I learned that Nancy Pelosi is the new Pope. I'm not even a Catholic, but even I know that Catholics have always said that life begins at conception.
I learned that I no longer have to worry about paying my mortgage because the government will just bail me out. I learned that just because Jamie Geurelic, Rahm Emmanuel, and Harold Ickes just happen to be on the boards of Fannie May and Freddie Mac, that's no reason to stop accusing Republicans of corruption.
I learned that being a "community organizer" is akin to being a head of State, yet being a Governor of a state is akin to being a Cub Scout leader. What is a "community organizer" anyway? I think that depends on the community, and exactly what you're organizing. If you're organizing a softball team or a meals on wheels program, you might be on the right track. But what if you're organizing something with guidance from anti-American church leaders or un-apologetic terrorist bombers? What if you're "organizing" a corrupt voter fraud outlet like ACORN, or a "commie camp" for city youth like "Public Allies"?
I think we are supposed to overlook the fact that the ambiguity of a term like "community organizer" can mean anything from book club leader to head of a chapter of the Black Panthers.

What a week.