Saturday, March 22, 2008

Free Tibet! How?

For years, we have seen the "Free Tibet" bumper sticker slapped across the bumpers of Volvo wagons and VW Beetles that rattle down the interstate. No one ever questions how the driver assumes Tibet should be freed. Diplomacy? Political pressure? Sanctions? I often wonder if the drivers of these fender-flapping rattle-traps have ever heard of a little country called China? Do they know what a communist country is all about? Well, let's just say that diplomacy is not their strong suit.
Of coarse, there's always a muti-lateral coalition of nations that oppose the oppression of Tibet. I'm pretty sure that Europe just can't wait to swat that hornet's nest that is China with their big stick. Like France would even have a big stick.
Last but not least, we have the dreaded "W" word. Oh, that's right. The same vehicles that proudy display the "Free Tibet" bumper sticker, usually have a "War is NOT the Answer" sticker right next to it. Back to the drawing board.
Sorry Tibet, you're on your own.