Thursday, April 23, 2009


Dear President Obama,

Just a note to say "thank you" for your tireless efforts in supporting our cause. As I am sure you know, our organization has been around for a long time, and we've had many obstacles along the way. Though we have many members, not everyone is "on board" with our program. Some are just not as receptive to our agenda as others. This alone has made our success more difficult and challenging, but our persistence and resolve have carried us a long way. Now, with your help, many of the hurdles we've encountered over the years have been removed in most cases, or reduced in others.
Your predecessor was not "down" with our cause and proved to be a major impediment to our goals. Whenever we would try to put together a new project, he would find some way to throw the proverbial "wrench" in our works. It seemed that no matter what direction we would turn, he and his associates would be there waiting to deter our progress.
When we heard of your election, it was like a breath of fresh air. A collective sigh of relief could be heard throughout our organization. We knew that our efforts to assure your election were not going to be in vein, and regret that we could not do more to help your campaign.
Thanks to the policies that you have already instituted, our group has seen a major resurgence in both recruiting and "R & D". Your proposed policies have given us the shot in the arm we've needed for some years now, and our hopes for the future have never been brighter. Your cabinet appointments along with those of other key positions were nothing less than a Godsend to us. It's so nice to finally have people in American government who are willing to get out of our way and let us do our work without us having to constantly worry about interference by those who see things a little differently than us.
Rather than detail our plans for the immediate future, we thought it would be more entertaining to implement them un-announced. We can only hope that you will be able to witness our plans coming to fruition personally. We want you to experience the result of your cooperation first hand.
In closing, we are finding it hard to put into words our eternal gratitude for your help in regenerating our hopes and allowing us to work harder to meet our goals. So we would simply like to say "thank you" from the bottom of our hearts.

Al Queda


Seane-Anna said...

This is GREAT!!!!! And you know the question. Can I, puh-leeze!

Roadhouse said...

As always, I would be honored.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful sir....I would love to reprint this...with your permission of course.....and your credit.


Roadhouse said...

Thanks for the comments. I would be honored to be re-printed on your blog as well. Be my quest.

JMK said...

That is a great thankyou note. Great writing.

To me, however, the question isn't whther the Left and the Obama administration are supporting al Qaeda - they are not doing that in any deliberate way (OK, except for a few kooks on the far-Left, like at MSNBC)...but many of their policies certainly aren't geared toward winning the WoT.

Some of their polices have been geared to give mere "window dressing" to the Left's agenad, however. For instance, Gitmo hasn't been closed and the funds for closing it were denied. Moreover, Gitmo's closing was conditional on "finding other nations that would take these prisoners." So far, few takers.

The Obama administration hasn't limited the use of rendition, it has actually (quietly) ratcheted UP the use of rendition (sending captive terror suspects abroad for enhanced interrogations)...they've also signed onto the NSA Surveillance program WITH the Telecom immunities and they've ratcheted UP the war in Afghanistan.

Ultimately, the proof of the pudding will be whether or not the U.S. will be attacked again.

G W Bush, for all his many (Keynesian) faults, kept America safe for seven-plus years post-9/11 and THAT is the post-9/11 attacks.

If the jihadists successfully attack America in the near future,, that would be as devastating as an economic collpase post-this short "economic recovery" the MSM is hailing.

With a quadrupling of the DEFICIT and a fast-mounting National Debt (more than all other PResidents combined FROM George Washington to G W Bush), double digit inflation seems to be in the cards, as does skyrocketing interest rates...we already have an unemployment rate approcahing 10%, so we're well on the way to Carter-style STAGFLATION.

A second jihadist attack on U.S. soil would pretty much seal the deal on this administration being "an abject failure," but we're not there yet....I believe we ultimately will be, but that's based on my own belief that the worst on both fronts is yet to come.

We'll see.