Friday, August 8, 2008


On July 24th, I wrote about John Edwards' then alleged affair with another woman as reported by the National Inquirer. In my article I assessed Edwards' reaction to be that of a guy who is probably guilty. I came to that conclusion by factoring-in the positions taken by all parties involved. I did not consult a crystal ball. I did not wear a big turban and hold envelopes up to my head. I did not call Jackie Stallone or the Amazing Kreskin. I didn't read it my tea leaves or see it my dreams.
I came to the correct conclusion by using nothing more than deductive reasoning and common sense. This tactic has served me well in the years since I broke the bonds of liberalism. In other earlier articles, I asserted that the mear mention of drilling for oil by our leaders would lower the price of crude. As predicted, immediately after President Bush lifted the ban on off-shore drilling, the price fell. As the idea of drilling has become more popular in the past few months, the price has continued to decline. Again, not clarevoyance...deductive reasoning.

Deductive reasoning is less of a skill, and more of a way of thinking. It allows you to weigh options and decide which is the most likely to be right based on all the information available to you. Most of the time this method of prediction is much more accurate than the liberal method of assuming the worst according to what fits your agenda, regardless of the evidence. That's probably why liberals are wrong so often and have to find new and better ways to distract and tap dance their way out of the jams they create.


achoiceofweapons said...

A Politician being immoral who would've thunk it!
Yeah, the price of oil went down when and if the ban on offshore drilling is lifted cause it was inflated anyway. I cite California's own De-Regulated Energy market a few years back! Oh, the joy and low low prices we got out of that one! Not! Nah, just greed and who starred in that movie, ENRON! DUKE ENERGY! and a cast of thousands!
Keep writing and I'll keep reading and balancing you out!
PS Did you miss me?

Roadhouse said...

The price of crude is not set by California.
Enron, Duke Energy and a host of others were busted and brought to justice during the Bush administration, yet committed their crimes un-impeaded during the Clinton years. Balance that.

achoiceofweapons said...

Agreed on the price of crude, However not on justice, they were not brought to Justice and California is still recovering from it! A couple of folks got caught but so many rats ran from the ship it's ridiculous.
Terry, my issue is that while drilling is proposed to look for further sources of crude, other alternatives that have been with us for years are being ignored including conservation. When do we demand of GM and the rest 45 miles per gallon? It's possible and it's neccessary! We can lower the speed limit and give incentives on use of public transportation. For Truck drivers use of Biodiesil even halfway when possible should be encouraged.

Roadhouse said...

We have demanded higher fuel mileage since the invention of the internal combustion engine. Demanding something does not make it magically appear. I can demand to be ten feet tall, but that does not mean it's possible yet. The first company that creates an engine that can perform like a V8 and get 45 MPG will become the most successful company ever. It hasn't happened yet because the technology does not exist yet in viable, practical form.

Alternatives have not been ignored, they've been mandated and proven to be a boondoggle. Bio-fuels are not yet viable because they require too much of our food supply to produce, raising the price of food. They also cost too much energy to produce.
Driving 55 was proven to be a bad idea decades ago. It reduces productivity and lengthens delivery times in all aspects of the transportation industry. Besides that, modern cars are designed to be most efficient at speeds above 55 because of their "torque curve". Not to mention the fuel that will be wasted by cars ideling in traffic jams caused by slower speed.
Public transportation might be fine if you live in southern LA, but for the rest of us who don't live in densely packed cities, it's just not possible. If you look at a map of the US, you will see that is the case for most of the population.

I am not saying that some or even all of these obstacles won't be resolved in the future. But TODAY we need to drill.