Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, one thing's for sure. I need to brush up on my geography as well as my Eastern Block history. Then again, let's face it. All you really need to know is that Russia is a country rooted in communism and currently lead by a former KGB agent who has a very questionable history. Couple that with a former Soviet country that has decided to become pro-western, and pro-American, and the script pretty much writes itself.

Make no mistake about it, this weekend's invasion of Georgia by the former Soviet Union is just a warm-up exercise. It is a message being sent to the world by a country that is eager to regain it's former "big kid on the block" status. That message is; "We are still here and we are going to do what we want"

Now that the Russians have invaded Georgia, the question becomes; Who's next? The other question is; What do we do about it?

Realistically, short of going to war with Russia, there's really not much we can do but sit back and watch, piss and moan, and go through the usual motions of diplomacy, political pressure and unified condemnation. Of course, none of this will actually stop Russia from invading other people's countries, but it will make us feel accomplished on account of our good intentions. Eventually, after Russia has had time to rally and organize it's allies and demoralize it's enemies, we may have no choice but go to war with them.

If that happens, I wonder if we are going to have the will to fight for our freedom as a nation. Between now and the time we actually decide that something needs to be done, it will be interesting to see how many people will need to die before we make that decision.

Maybe I'm wrong and this will all blow over and Russia will become best friends with Georgia and renounce it's affiliations with Iran. Somehow I doubt it.

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Seane-Anna said...

Excellent post, Roadie. And you're right. "Hoping" the Russians out of Georgia is all Obama has to offer. That and trusting a UN Security Council that Russia as veto power on. John McCain for president, please!!!