Friday, April 4, 2014


     There comes a time when reasonable adults step back from a given situation and assess their options.  As Americans, that time is now.  It's high time we step back and ask some tough questions.  The first being; Is it time to disband the military?  Before you assume that my prolonged absence from the blog-o-sphere has resulted in some sort of de-programming by the left, I ask that you hear me out.
     One of the hallmarks of a true conservative is a sense of pragmatism.  This goes along with our use of logic, reason, and common sense when approaching an issue.  This is also what sets us apart from the left.  That, and pants that actually fit.
     After the most recent Fort Hood shooting, I find myself questioning the logic of having a military force at all.  Think about it.  We take a fellow citizen who was gracious enough to volunteer his/her very life for the sake of others, and our government doesn't even have the decency to develop a proper way to use them.  
     We spend countless amounts of tax payer dollars to teach them how to destroy an enemy, and then we send them into a war zone with a sea-bag full of rules and regulations that prevent them from even insulting an enemy.  Of coarse the enemy sees this and exploits it to their advantage, resulting in more flag-draped coffins landing at Dover AFB.
     We elect people to positions of power who probably can't even pronounce the word victory, and go on to the further extreme of helping our enemies build their dream nation.  So our troops get to see the Muslim Brotherhood gain an entire hemisphere on one side, while watching their brothers and sisters die on the other...both sanctioned and facilitated by their own President. 
     We train them (at great expense) in the proficient use of firearms, award them pins and medals for it, and then deny them the right to carry those firearms on the same soil that they are willing to die for to protect.  This way, they can't defend themselves from "active shooters" while coming out of the PX with a quart of milk and loaf of bread.
     We lower the bar for the training process in order to be more "inclusive" and to accommodate some misguided diversity experiment, and then act surprised when some of the test subjects crack under the pressure of war.  In the old days, the weak were weeded-out in order to maintain the integrity of the whole force.  Today they are welcomed with open arms, as if the U.S. military is supposed to be some sort of halfway house for emotional pansies.
     We throw them into the meat grinder of combat and then berate them when the war doesn't poll well.       
     We subject them to this insanity, and when they finally do go insane, we throw psychotropic drugs at them and tell them to get in touch with their feelings.  By the time our government-issued therapists realize that the drugs aren't working...the bullets are already coming out of the barrel.
     It seems to me that it would almost be more humane to simply dissolve the military and let the chips fall where they may.  After all, if we're not willing to build, maintain, and use the military for it's logical intended purpose, then what's the point of having it at all?  Why put these men and women through the indignity of such vague, nebulous, and convoluted service to a nation where 50% of it's citizens have no understanding of liberty anyway?
     It's time we turn our military bases into homeless shelters and marijuana farms.  Then we can paint the Army tanks yellow and use them as school buses for Democrat-run inner cities.  Finally, we can hire the former service members to teach the civilian population how to stand in line, take orders, and eat rationed food.  We'll need to know how to do those things when Putin shows up.       


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Robert Garding said...

Wow. I have been busy and haven't read blogs lately, and wheqn I found this I was sorry I didn't see it sooner. I might want to use this on my show sometime soon. You are spot on sir.
I also notice you haven't written in a while and hope you're still out here. Hope to see more of your logic written here again soon. God bless you and yours.
You are always welcome to become one of my authors at my blog if you don't want to write as often too.