Monday, January 14, 2013


     For those who care, there are many reasons I haven't blogged for more than a year.  My family is my priority, and how I spend my free time reflects that.  There's been no personal tragedies in my life, and my schedule hasn't changed that much since my last post.  Truth be told, I've just been tired.  After years of shouting in the wilderness, I had decided my family would be better off if I spent more time getting a good night's sleep, and less time trying to save liberals from themselves.  But the pendulum swings on.
     Looking back at the events of 2012, I can't seem to shake this nagging feeling of guilt that I associate with doing nothing as the neighborhood burns to the ground.  Considering my very limited resources, I opted to ease back into the world of political debate.  Curious to see if I still "got it", I figured I would fire some ideological shots over some metaphorical bows over at and maybe re-light the furnace here at my little right-wing oasis.  Who would have thought that after only two...yes, TWO comments, they would kick me out of their web site.
     Was I insulting?  No.  Was I making threats of any kind?  No.  In fact, I didn't even have a chance to start a polite debate with anyone there.  Not being one to go quietly into the night, I prepared an E-mail response to the site moderator that was meant to illustrate their lack of confidence in their positions, and challenge them to a debate on their own turf.  As I readied my index finger to click the "send" icon, I suddenly remembered who I was dealing with...liberals.
     I thought back to the countless incidents of liberals going off the deep end around the world over the past few decades.  From UAW workers attacking a disabled T.E.A. Party member, to "occupy" activists crapping on police cars, E.L.F. arsonists, Greek rioters, Sierra Club vandals, and even my own personal experiences with our "tolerant" advocates of peace.  
     I decided that people with skin that thin, and so willing to wall themselves into such an easily challenged ideology may not be reasonable enough to be trusted.  Do I know that they would find my address and "try something"?  No.  But like I said, my family is my first why risk it?
     Besides, I took their reaction to me as a sign of panic, and verification that I do in-fact still "got it".          


Dan O. said...

Glad I kept you on my Feed Reader, Terry. I knew (hoped)you'd b back.

I've heard many similar stories from other bloggers being kicked off the DU site. I never go to liberal blogs, at least not more than once. I KNOW their illogical stance and I KNOW their hypocrisy and I KNOW there is no educating the majority of them.

Anyway, glad to see you posting again.

Robert Garding said...

I know several people who have felt the wrath of the liberal side of our country. One is a blogger and radio talk show host who I know in California. His wife is from South America and she is the one that kept him going when their house was stoned by people who didn't like what he was saying. He too is a conservative. Keep up the good work and I and my family pray for your safety and continued help with our country. God bless you.