Wednesday, August 11, 2010


In the interest of full disclosure, I must reveal my one true fear in life...air travel. I do realize that for a most people flying is as routine as eating at McDonald's. For me, flying in anything under any circumstance is a crippling nightmare. Hence, I simply won't do it. So in an odd and irrational way, I have always had a certain admiration for anyone brave enough to board a plane. By my weird way of looking at it, you could be Jeffrey Dahmer and I would still be able to respect you for having the stones to fly. Those who fly for a living have always fascinated me. It stands to reason that these people would have to understand the law of averages alone makes their job particularly risky. Yet, they still go to work. Couple that with an increasingly whiny and belligerent public, and you have the makings of a potential emotional powder keg.

As a truck driver, I can relate to dealing with the public, while still having to maintain a professional attitude as you wear your company's logo on your chest. Representing your employers and keeping cool under pressure can be one of the hardest parts of driving an eighteen wheeler. So when I heard the story of the flight attendant who "lost it" and went off on the passengers on his plane, only to then deploy the emergency ramp, and go home, I knew I had a kindred spirit out there.
This guy is my new hero. He did something that most of us only dream of doing, and did it with style and passion. Really, grabbing the six pack of beer on his way to the chute was genius in it's simplicity, putting the cherry on top. In this summer of oppressive heat and an even more oppressive government, I had to wonder just how many of us will be "going stewardess" in the coming years.
I'm not saying what he did was right...but I understand.


Dan O. said...

Wrong in the sense of employee- representing-employer aspect. But, what the hell was he arrested for? The bozo who set him off was the dangerous one who could have hurt other passengers with flying luggage while the plane was still moving. I understand disciplinary action by the airline. But legal action?

Anonymous said...

You know Roadie....I understand it too. Driving a truck all day and having to deal with not only the customers on an hourly basis, but the stupidity of the other drivers on the road does take a toll. Thankfully I have my radio and CD deck to keep my mind in a sane place. I too understand the frustrations of this flight attendant. And I agree.....leaving with the beer was a stroke of genius, though not something I would do. Great post my friend.