Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Cruising around the blogoshpere has lead me to some interesting writing concepts over the years. Not the least of which is the chronicling of random thoughts by the author. One such blogger over at My Voice on the Wings of Change recently inspired me to try this myself. I'm sure I won't be adopting it as a regular format, but I thought it might be cool to try something different for a change...so here we go.

Thought #1: The movie industry relies way too much on CGI today. Yes, flicks like "Cars" and "Toy Story" are fun to watch and are impressive in their detailed animation, but these movies are not trying to mesh with reality. They are just a better quality cartoon and little more than that. Hollywood oversteps their use of computer generated imagery when they rely on it alone, as opposed to simply using it to enhance a scene. Gone are the days of stuntmen and special effects artists. Now, we have CGI cars being chased by CGI monsters. The art of film and cinematography is being shoved aside for the sake of speed and commercial efficiency.
Between that and the guy who will inevitably talk during the movie, I have fewer and fewer reasons to buy an increasingly expensive movie ticket.

Thought #2: Al Gore needs to be strapped to a chair in my front yard, wearing Bermuda shorts and a "wife beater" for a duration of time to last no less than one hour. After he experiences the two feet (and counting) of snow and mid-teen temperatures that encompass my reality for that hour, I will be willing to listen to his views on global warming.

Thought #3: Abortion has been making the news lately, so I would like to clarify some mis-understandings about "pro-lifers" and our position on the topic. There actually is a clear distinction between our views on abortion vs. our views on capital punishment. An unborn baby has not yet had the ability or opportunity to abuse their right to live, unlike a murderer. An aborted baby has not been afforded their right to due process or a trial by a jury of their peers, unlike a murderer. We see no line in the Constitution that decrees your rights do not exist until the severing of an umbilical cord.

Thought #4: The only way I could give President Obama the benefit of the doubt is by considering the following theory. He is actually a double agent of sorts, and mearly posing as a radical socialist, anti-American, naive, narcissist. In realty, he saw the folly of liberalism at an early age, and devised a complex scheme to infiltrate, and eventually lead liberals and Democrats to their own political demise. His plan to expose liberals in Congress and show in living color the horrors of socialism to an America that was previously happy to remain un-informed, is nothing short of brilliant. And as of yet, his execution of it has been masterfull.
Just a theory.

Thought #5: Snow is no longer "fun".

Thought #6: Pop Tarts - still the perfect food.

Thought #7: To call liberals "retarded", is to give the retarded a bad name. I'd be insulted too if someone compared me to a liberal.


Dan O. said...

#1 Absolutely agree. I have no interest in the current genre of movies being created on computers vs. being filmed. (of course I haven't bought a movie ticket in like 15 years)

#2I wouldn't listen to him even then. I would agree to let him sit out there for the duration of the snow event, though.

#3a (you have 2 Thought #3's)We differ only slightly here.

#3b Yes, that is a theory.

#4 Completely agree!!!

#5 Had 2 strawberry Pop Tarts not 2 hours ago.

#6 If the description fits...Besides, "retarded" doesn't necessarily refer just to the mentally challenged. People need to read a f*@king dictionary.

namaste said...

i love your thought #3b about obama. and i am completely willing to believe it. it take a lot of genius and moxy to play so stupid. i pray you're right.


Robert 'the infidel' Garding said...

Thought #1 You chose a great blog to take this idea from. She is great.

Thought #2 I love your idea of Al Gore. He could that that here too after he finishes at your place.

Thought #3 Keep up the great work and stay safe. America needs all the sane and thinking people who love her as possible.

Thought #4 SNOW, IS no longer fun. Had too much of it here too. More coming tomorrow.

Thought #5 Pop Tarts? OH YEAH. Especially the Raspberry ones and Cherry ones. My wife loves blueberry.

Though #6 Liberals are all in a class all to themselves. I wouldn't want to be compared to them either. So let's make up a classification for them that isn't connected to anyone and anything, and that will be them from now on. No matter what we use...it has to be single minded and does not listen to reason.

Great Post.

JMK said...

4 is amusing and quite possibly true, given that no administration has so galvanized America (NOT just Conservatives) AGAINST over-reaching liberalism.

As for 3, the point that many pro-abortion folks make is that religious people adhere to religious doctrines that view "ALL life as sacred," to "expose the alleged hypocrisy of the religious Right."

The problem for them is that they TOO are inconsistent, and by their own yardstick "hypocritical," as they would spare even the most vile murderers from the death penalty, BUT they'd allow any unborn child (at ANY stage of development) to be killed.

The Left's arguments on that subject has two glaring flaws, aside from their own blatant INCONSISTENCIES is that such consistencies DON'T amount to hypocrisies!

I've acknowledged for a very long time that BOTH sides have some INCONSISTENCIES on the subject - the pro-"choicers" would KILL the unborn and spare the murderer, while the pro-Lifers would spare the unborn and KILL the murderer, despite most religion's viewing ALL life as sacred.

The Catholic Church has been CONSISTENT, it opposes BOTH abortion and Capital Punishment on the grounds of "the sanctity of all life."

I've come to a CONSISTENT view myself, which is a compromise of sorts on the issue. I fervently believe in Capital Punishment and I also accept that an UNWILLING parent is also an UNFIT parent (at least at that time) and so I support first trimester abortion on demand....but I oppose any abortion after that point at which the fetus/CHILD would be viable outside the womb, as it's undeniable that you have a fully functioning, self-sustainable LIFE at that point.

Still, the Leftist, "pro-choice/abortion" position IS both inconsistent AND hypocritical, in that it seeks to rationalize death to the innocent (unborn) and mercy (life) to the most vilely guilty (murderers).

Pro-LIFERS may be inconsistent on the score of "the sanctity of all life," BUT they are NOT hypocritical, as there's NOTHING at all hypocritical in supporting death to the most guilty (murderers) and mercy/LIFE for the most innocent, the unborn.