Saturday, November 7, 2009


Because of there not being enough hours in the day to blog, write a book, call and E-mail Congressmen to remind them that we are not China, work a 50+hour a week job, feed and diaper a one year old, teach and entertain a five year old, maintain a house and two vehicles, and still be a respectable husband and father, I am going to make this post short and sweet.

All Muslims are not terrorists, but with little-to-no exception, all terrorists are Muslims. Yes, once upon a time, there was the I.R.A. Yes, we had the no-longer-an-issue Timothy McVeigh. And who can forget the abortion clinic bomber Eric Rudolf from years past. But let's put this into some perspective. These exceptions were not a result of massive culturally-institutionalized insanity. Even as widespread as the I.R.A.'s reach has been over the decades, their irrationality was based in what they saw as political desperation and a need to fight a perceived oppressor. And in recent years, they have renounced violence as a viable way to further their cause.

On the other hand, you have the Muslim extremists. Here's a group of nut jobs that have been plying their trade for centuries...literally. Now I don't claim to be an expert on Islam, but when your "rap sheet" goes so far back in history that it's actually mentioned in the Bible, I think it's reasonable to be suspicious of your religion and it's motives toward everyone else.

Muslim terrorists do not see themselves as members of a country, or even a particular group. They see themselves as martyrs for Allah...period. Sure, they join groups, and they claim certain citizenships, but their drive and passion for death comes from their religious beliefs. All other allegiances are secondary, and only serve to allow them to kill more infidels (you and me). They cannot be reasoned with, and they see it as their mission and duty to Allah to kill as many non-believers as possible as a pre-requisite to enter their promised land.

If after September 11th, we still can't grasp this concept, then we are practically begging for more and even greater such attacks as Fort Hood and September 11th. When U.S. malls, and schools become part of the ever-growing list of Islamic terrorist successes, just remember...Roadhouse tried to warn ya'.


kid said...

If we insult and dog out Muslims and Arabs, who will do our translating for us...Sean Klannity?Every day Rat Robinson calls their religion the devil's religion.Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet, Jewish people do not.The right wing is just al-Qaeda recruiting stations.

BTW, who help found al-Qaeda and financed them and called them "Freedom Fighters"...Ronald Reagan.

You know I get mad at how people forgot about the 3,000 that died in America. How can people forget the bombing from the air. I'm talking about 1921 ,The Tulsa Riots.Whites attacked and killed 3,000 black people. They bombed them from the air. They wanted their oil contracts.Bet you didn't read about that in history class. Then in 1927 in New Orleans when the police rounded up black people to put on the levy to stop a flood. They ran out of sandbags.

Let's do something about the other terrorist that live here.Some of those tea baggers belong to the Nazi Party, some the Ku Klux Klan.Because of Glenn Beck's fake fatwa three policemen were killed in Pittsburgh, but police were more upset about a old black man that walks with a cane getting arrested by a racist cop.

Roadhouse said...

You're new to my blog, so I'll go over the ground rules with you. This blog is for adult debate, not playground insults and/or conspiracy theorist propaganda. I am also not moved or distracted by typical deflection techniques. That means I am not the type that will fall into a discussion amounting to "Oh yeah, but what about this or that guy".

Now that we have that out of the way, welcome. I'm looking forward to a reasonable adult debate with you.

kid said...

Was anything I said false?Prove me wrong.

Roadhouse said...

Prove you wrong about what? You're connecting dots that have nothing to do with the issue at hand. This is a common tactic of people who would rather not face said issue. As I stated earlier, I don't fall for such obvious distraction techniques.

Now, back to the issue; Muslims and terrorism. In the context of my essay, do you disagree or have something to offer that does not involve 20/20 hindsight from Ronald Reagan, or a moral equivelance angle that is somehow supposed to parallel things that may or may not have happened before either of us were born?

kid said...

Roadhouse said...

Prove you wrong about what?

Tulsa race riots - 3,000 dead
New Orleans floods- ?

No Muslim ever called me N****r.

Who blew up Oklahoma...Baptist?

Just say that whatever I said is wrong and I will support Republiklans.

Roadhouse said...

You seem to have some misconception about the point of my essay, or my blog in general.
First, I am not a recruiter for the Republican party. Therefore, I really don't care if you support Republicans or not.
Second, whether you are right or wrong about anything that ever happened in Tulsa, New Orleans or on the Moon is of no consequence to the topic at hand...still.
Your point seems to be that because someone suffered an injustice nearly 100 years ago, that somehow that means we have no right to question the motives of Islamic extremeists in 2009. This is non-sensical ranting, not a point that parallels anything mentioned in my post.

I'm also not sure what anything a Muslim may or may not have ever called you has to do with anything being discussed in this post. Unless you are implying that we should tell people who lost family members on September 11th and at Fort Hood - "Hey, it's OK eveyone! Muslims didn't call Kid the "N" word, so don't worry about that whole killing your family members thing!"

You are more than welcome to post comments here, but I do ask that they make some sort of sense. Please try to focus.

Seane-Anna said...

Kid, you're an idiot. Muslims never called you nigger? No, they just traded in African slaves hundreds of years before and after the Europeans did. That's how Islam entered Africa, historical genius, with the Muslim slave traders and the Muslim colonialists.

America abolished slavery in 1865; Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, didn't abolish slavery until nearly a hundred years later, in 1962. The Muslim nation of the United Arab Emirates didn't abolish slavery until 1963. The Muslim nation of Oman didn't abolish slavery until 1970. And the Muslim nation of Mauritiania didn't abolish slavery until 1981. And let's not forget the decades long slaughter of Black African Christians and Muslims by Arab Muslims in the Sudan. So, are you ready to fight Muslim terrorists now, Kid? Didn't think so.