Monday, October 5, 2009


In the recent weeks following the September 12th "T.E.A. party" protest in Washington DC, a common theme has been popping up in the mainstream media. Apparently, if you disagree with the President, you are by default a racist. OK, let's examine that concept.

From a mathematical perspective, the numbers just don't add up. Exhibit "A" would be the fact that Obama was elected, and by a healthy margin. That means that more than half of the country was willing to set aside the color of his skin on election day. From that we can conclude that up to that point, the majority of the nation was not racist...or at least not anti-"black".

Exhibit "B" would be the fact that Obama's approval ratings were in the high 60% range at the beginning of his term and stayed there for a matter of weeks.

Then something happened. According to the "left", otherwise known as the "media", a massive demographic shift began to take place. Apparently, a secret mass migration of white supremacists to America occurred at the exact same time as a secret mass exodus of Obama supporters from America. Making this even more insidious was the fact that the white supremacist were so adept at hiding their beliefs, that not one media outlet has been able to actually capture them in the act of saying or doing anything that could be legitimately construed as "racist".
It's as if you are to believe that everything President Obama has been doing would be just fine, if only he had a little less melanin. If he were white, we'd be totally cool with him taking his good old time with a plan for Afghanistan, as our troops flounder and die there without strong leadership from their Commander In Chief.
If only he were white, the massive debt he's creating for our children's children for the sake of his socialist ideology wouldn't even cross our minds.
It's definitely the color of his skin, and not his willingness to project American weakness and call it "foreign policy" that really gets under our skin.
That's right, we're all racists, and he's just an innocent black guy being hassled by "the man".


Robert Garding said...

My thoughts exactly. Obama feels that everyone is wrong except for him. I listen to his ME ME ME and I I I can't understand why we can't disagree with HIM HIM HIM and be racists. But that is what Obama I guess we are........NOT!

JMK said...

"That's right, we're all racists, and he's just an innocent black guy being hassled by "the man". (Roady)
That's not just Obama's's all of Liberalism's view....but things are turning.

Lost amidst all the VA, NJ and NY-23 hooplah last week, was the fact that Andy Spano, the Democratic County Executive in Westchester was turned out by the voters, mainly over his calling those opposed to his idiotic scheme to build low income public housing (projects) in toney towns like Hartsdale and Pound Ridge, "racists."

One small benefit of the disaster of 2008 has been a resurgence of "Liberal gumption" - more Liberals have felt emboldened to "tell us how they really feel"....and it seems, as usual, most people don't much like that.