Sunday, July 5, 2009


Being a Dad has some lesser known advantages. One is being relieved of all that cumbersome spending cash that once weighed down my wallet pocket when I walked down the street, and another is having a legitimate excuse to watch cartoons.
The other morning I was watching cartoons with my daughter when during a commercial break, they ran an "animated short". This is a 15-30 second cartoon usually intended to teach a lesson of some sort to the kiddies. These "shorts" might relate a message about sharing one day, or manners the next. On this particular day, the message was, well...I'll let you decide.

The scene opens with two cute/cuddly characters passing a ball back and fourth on a blank field of white. Then a third not quite as cute/cuddly character comes along and takes their ball, and then proceeds to poke a hole in it, letting all the air out. He then walks away, leaving the two with a deflated rubber pancake.
The two then take the useless mass, stretch it out, and play "jump rope" with it, at which point the story ends.

What is this supposed to teach my kids? How to let someone get away with treating you like crap? How to get used to being taken advantage of? How to be a victim? How to be polite to bullies? How to deny yourself justice? How to allow a criminal to keep hurting others? How to empower the tyrant?

Seriously, If the message was "how to deal with adversity", then they could have just as easily had the ball deflate via a poke from a sharp rock or stick, as opposed to a bully getting his jollies. But they chose a bully scenario for a teach our kids the liberal "virtue" of pacifism. Let's not teach our children to stand up for themselves or others. No, no, no. Let's teach them how to be good little push-overs and compliant little worker bees. Let's not teach them about justice or consequences. No, no, no. Let's teach them that bullies and tyrants will stop being bullies and tyrants, so long as you let them do what they want to you.

The only one I can think of that would benefit from promoting such a concept would be someone (or group of someones) that aspires to control others with as little resistance as possible. I wonder who that might be.


Dan O. said...

The only time I've ever seen a bully stop bullying is when someone stood up to him.

Clifton B said...

You are so right on this Roadhouse. I remember on my first day of school, my mother (of all people) giving me the rules of the road. I will never forget one of her emphatic rules “if some kid hits you, hit them back”. In my young age, that was a hard thing to do. I was not raised in a combative household. It took me until 3rd grade to see the wisdom of her advice. I had a bully who picked on me mercilessly and I did not follow mother’s advice. One day the bully actually came to my home to beat me up. That was it, mother’s rule kick in and I beat that kid down big time. Had I followed her advice from the get go, that kid never would have darkened my doorstep.

Today, in our squishy PC world, my mother’s advice would have been so discouraged. I guess that is why “bullying” is such a big issue today.

Seane-Anna said...

That commercial was teaching children how to fight terrorism Barack Obama's way. And that thing about controlling people with as little resistance as possible is right on the money, too. Scary.