Wednesday, May 27, 2009


One of the less exciting but probably most important issues facing America today is the nomination of Supreme Court Justices by our President. Let's face it, a majority of the present day Supreme Court has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peal (as my Grandfather used to say).
Obama's pick of Sotomayor for Supreme Court Justice is very telling. Not for the reasons most bloggers are talking about today, (mainly her liberal leaning record) but for Obama's criteria for nominating her. Empathy. How can you be impartial if you're empathetic? There is a reason that statues of "Lady Justice" are always depicted with her wearing a blindfold. There is reason for the slogan "Justice is blind". When you wear a black robe and hold the fate of some one's or even an entire nation's future in your hands, you are duty bound and constitutionally required to NOT be "empathetic".
Realizing that five minutes had gone by without holding a press conference, Senator Charles Schumer ran over his grandmother and pushed a pregnant woman out of the way in order to get his mug in front of camera to support Obama's nomination. For my liberal readers, that was a joke. Schumer's criteria for Supreme Court Justice was stated by the horses mouth as follows;

"Judge Sotomayor meets three very important standards in filling this Supreme Court vacancy—excellence, moderation and diversity".

Excellence? Isn't that a matter of opinion Chuck?

Moderation? Is that in the constitution? Can you "moderate" law, or case precedent?

Diversity? Is that in the constitution? Does Sotomayor's judicial "excellence" reside in the color of her skin? The color of her hair? The color of her eyes? The particular type of genitalia she happens to have? Or are we celebrating diversity of thought? Like when the you applaud the diverse opinions of all long as they're liberal. Right Chuck? Get it? "Right"?

Consider this. You get on a commercial jet airliner and they're expecting some bad weather during your flight. You are informed that your pilot was hired because of the color of her skin and the fact that she is a female. She was also given consideration because of her "empathy" for people who refuse to fly. You ask the flight attendant if the pilot actually knows how to fly a plane and she goes into a long flowery speech about the pilot's "compelling life story". You insist that she tell you the pilot's qualifications and are immediately called a "racist" and escorted off the jet way. Two hours later, the plane crashes into the sea.

A President with actual experience (or one that doesn't hate America), realizes that the nominee's knowlege of and adherance to the constitution is really the only criteria he needs to be concerened about.

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JMK said...

While I really don't like the quotes she made in California...the one about her hope that a woman with her Latina background and experiences would usually come to a wiser decision than a white male and the second one about "This (the federal Court of Appeals) is where policy is made"....then quickly adding, "I know I shouldn't say that, as we're being taped,"....both articulate a revolting arrogance and perhaps something worse.

Her dismissing the New Haven suit without comment in an attempt to bar it from getting to the Supreme Court is equally disturbing.

In that decision, she callously chose to allow race to trump physical disability - Frank Ricci suffered from Dyslexia, yet spent a couple hundred buck on the Fire study books and another $1,000 to get someone to read them onto CD for him.

Those are some serious considerations.

Still, she was a Prosecutor and is allegedly tough on crime and IF there's a chance of any Liberal defecting and becoming more Conservative, the way Souter went from Moderate to reliably Liberal, it's probably her.

Here's just MORE proof of just how bad the Rockefeller Republicans have been! Just as Souther was nominated by Bush Sr., she was nominated to the federal bench by the same Bush Sr.

The "Moderate" Republicans are NO friends to Conservatives.