Monday, April 6, 2009


This weekend, as President Obama was smack in the middle of his "Let's see how many ways I can embarrass America" tour, North Korea decided to make a statement of their own to the civilized, and not-so-civilized world. Disregarding various treaties and resolutions, North Korea launched their "Taepodong-2" missile.
There are many ways to look at this situation. The media sees it as just another nutty guy playing with his harmless toy in an attempt to gain credibility on the world stage. The Obama administration sees it as the UN's problem...not the free world's. As if the missiles are going to fall strictly on the UN building if push ever comes to shove. Our enemies see it as a good indicator of Obama's character and will...or lack there of. Ironically, I see it the same way.

Much like a fifth grader running to his Mommy to solve his bully problem, Obama called upon the UN to take action after the missile launch. Worse yet, he did it on foreign soil, and in public. Oh yeah, this was after he blamed his own country for the financial woes of the world, again on foreign soil.
You'll have to pardon North Korea for not being reduced to a quivering mass of fear and anxiety at the thought of having to face the wrath of the United Nations. After all, look at the long list of UN military successes and resolved conflicts throughout history. OK, better not look too hard at that particular list.
What President Obama fails to realize, is that the rest of the world is watching how we deal with North Korea. Iran, Syria, China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, and any number of rogue terrorist groups are getting an idea how we are willing to respond to North Korea's call of our bluff. Obama has shown them through his proposed cutting of military spending and his reliance on the UN for national security that he does not have the will required to stand up for the safety or sovereignty of America.

Could you really blame someone for taking a poke at us sometime in the very near future? Should we expect them to risk waiting till after the next election cycle? Would their cause be better served by attacking us after a "pro-military" "pro-war" candidate is elected, or before? I'm not advocating for an attack of our nation, but I do fear that a serious wake-up call is needed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, since September 11th, 2001 didn't do the trick, I fear that it is going to take something a bit more extravagant.

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