Monday, November 3, 2008


To all my Obama supporting readers that occasionally check in with my blog. If Obama wins the election tomorrow (and he probably will), I plan to be as magnanimous as possible if you still continue to frequent my humble forum. That being said, there are going to be a few closely enforced ground rules regarding any future comments you might leave here. The rules are as follows, and apply to Obama supporters only:

1. When the stock market crashes due to anticipated taxation and inflation, you will not be allowed to complain.

2. When corporations leave in droves taking their jobs with them, in order to avoid Obama's tax policies, this will be a "no complaint zone" for you.

3. If you happen to get layed-off from your job when your boss has to make cuts to pay Obama's taxes, complaints will not be tolerated.

4. Don't even think about complaining when the Iraqi people are slaughtered in mass by Iran, Syria or any other terrorist organization after Obama pulls us out.

5. I know there better be no complaints when terrorist "feel their oats" and start bombing schools and malls here in America.

6. Complaints about terrorism being legitimized and emboldened by virtue of "talks without pre-conditions" will be met with deletion by me.

7. When our constitution is rendered obsolete by Obama's liberal Supreme Court Justices, there better not be any complaining.

8. When the price of everything you purchase goes up thanks to Obama's inflation growing policies, I better not hear one complaint.

9. When it takes your child three months to get an MRI and have it diagnosed due to Obama's nationalized health care, just take your complaints somewhere else.

10. When crime increases ten fold due to the repeal of the Second Amendment, complain you will not.

11. When we are left defenseless by Obama's cuts to military and intelligence spending, complain to the hand.

12. When "eminent domain" is used to take your property so that it may be given to someone else, I would highly suggest you not complain.

13. When your union votes are no longer private, complain to someone who gives a crap.

14. When your thirteen year old daughter is allowed by law to have an abortion without your notification, just complain about it...NOT!

15. When the natural ends of socialism finally arrive at your doorstep (poverty, bread lines, martial law, political persecution, etc. etc.), complaining would be ill advised.

16. When you eventually realize that Obama's "rob Peter to pay Paul when Peter is a hard worker and Paul is a total slacker" policies are actually hurting everyone, your complaints will fall on deaf ears.

17. When you figure out that "hope" and "change" are not accepted as legal tender at the grocery store, you can put your complaints where the sun don't shine.

18. When it finally dawns on you that Obama does not actually have a magic wand that he can use to create jobs, your complaints won't be worth a bucket of warm spit here.

Please be aware that any deviation from these guidelines will result in me shouting "I told you so you gullible, naive, mis-informed, reading, Micheal Moore movie watching, non-history reading, non-deductive reasoning using, easily seduced by catch phrases and marketing gimmicks, non-Roadhouse believing idiot!!!" at my computer screen. As well as a a hearty Nelson Muntz "HA HA" from yours truly.

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Dan O. said...

I have no doubt that the sheeple of Obamanation will indeed comment after everyone of your listed scenarios.

HOWEVER, they will still be blaming George W. Bush. Guaran-freakin'-teed!