Wednesday, September 17, 2008


If there is any silver lining to the mess that is this week's bail-a-thon, it is the fact that we are getting a little glimpse of what a liberal-led government will look like. Let me first remind the readers of this post that I generally try to keep my articles to a liberalism vs. conservatism paradigm (I would never use that word in real life). This is necessary because here in the real world, even Republicans have fell victim to the "government can cure what ails ya' " mantra lately.
First, there's the obvious questions. Who's next? Who is going to be the next to come knocking at the tax payer's door, expecting to be saved from the consequences that should rightfully happen to them? What will be the next industry the liberal government decides to meddle with? Now that the mortgage, automobile, health care, and energy industry have been royally screwed by government intervention, what's next?
Then, there are the secondary questions. What's happened to the educators in this country? Have they stopped teaching children to not borrow more money than they can afford to pay back? Did they forget to teach about responsible budgeting?

Keep in mind that this is the same entity (government bureaucracy) that Barak Obama wants you to put your family's health care in charge of. Since the people have voted against socialized heath care more than once already, I can consult my crystal ball and see the liberal majority regulating and taxing "big health" into un-profitability. Then declaring them "too big to fail", just prior to taking them over.
This could be followed by "big cheeseburger", "big shoe", and "big lawn mower". Before you know it, VIOLA! You have the People's Republic of the Former United States. I just can't wait to see how people react to standing in the bread lines for the first time.


JMK said...

The real bad news in a Liberal-Democrat takeover wouldn't so much be "outright socialism" (the command economy), but the "soft socialism", along the lines of what France and Germany had until very recently - heavier-handed regulation, a larger, more generous welfare state, etc.

For the first time in over a quarter century the American Left can actually taste victory.

Not since Jimmy Carter (who actually ran as a Conservative Democrat and signed onto banking rdergulation in 1980) has a true Keynesian Liberal occupied the WH.

For all his other faults, Bill Clinton was a Supply-Sider and a Free Trader, so THIS election would be the first time we'd see an opportunity for a return to Keynesian principles.

Maybe not bread lines, but double digit unemployment, double digit inflation and double digit interest rates may well be on the way.

Vee (Scratch) said...

The People's Republic of the Former United States, that's classic. We will see or we will not. Hopefully social programs will not become overbearing or totally invade the private sector.

The issue concerning bad credit and lack personal responsibility or accountability will continue to go unchanged because as a nation we're greedy. Greed rules. I dare not tie the fault of the economic crisis to Republicans because I do not have serious evidence to prove it. However, the nation does not exercise personal responsibility and has very poor budgeting practices.