Monday, July 21, 2008


I have often ranted about liberal bias in the media, maybe out of frustration, or maybe just to get the word out and shed a little light on it. My wife thinks it's therapeutic. As I watch Obama-mania unfold in front of me, I find that there are enough examples of media bias to fill my hard drive. The most difficult thing about writing about the Obamafication of the media is trying to decide what to mention and what not to mention. Otherwise, my articles would be too long to keep the reader interested. Keeping that in mind, I'm going to stick with some of the more recent examples.

Let's start with the obvious. Barak Obama added to his 143 days of experience this week by taking a trip to Iraq and Afghanistan. OK, let's say that by itself, that weren't a publicity stunt. Why would no less than three major networks have their heavy hitters coincidentally stationed there as well? After all, they were nowhere to be found when McCain traveled there.
As this was going on, the New York Times pitched-in to help the "Hope-meister" by publishing an article he wrote, while simultaneously rejecting one from McCain. No bias there I'm sure.

The most glaring example of the media being in B.O.'s corner is what you don't see. For example, you don't see reporters ask him why one week he says the war in Iraq is a "distraction", then the next week he says Iraq is a "front in the war on terror". You don't see reporters ask why he believes the reduction of violence in Iraq is a result of decisions made by tribal forces, instead of the U.S. military kicking their asses. Basically, down-playing the effectiveness of their sacrifices...while in their theater of battle. That must be the "audacity" I keep hearing about.
You don't see reporters asking Obama why he consistently chooses the word "end" rather than "win" when referring to his future plans for Iraq. You don't see reporters asking him how raising taxes on fuel and the companies that produce it will lower the cost of fuel. And then there is my personal favorite. After nearly eight years of watching all corners of the media specially the entertainment wing) skewer President Bush for his mis-pronunciations, and sloppy speaking style, I find it a little strange that people aren't making fun of Obama's verbal crutches as well. There are times when I'm not sure if I'm watching Barak Obama or Mel Tillis. Yet the Late Night TV shows can't seem to find comedy in that. I gave up watching The Daily Show years ago, but I'm willing to bet that Jon Stewart hasn't spent much time on the walking punchline that is B.O.'s off-prompter speaking style.

It's all good though. Obama will continue to threaten our relationship with Pakistan and Israel before even setting foot in the Whitehouse, and the Press will continue to treat him as a brilliant statesman. The left will continue to deny there's a liberal bias in the media, and the right will continue to shut out of the conversation. And as Journey sang so long ago, "the wheel in the sky keeps on turning".

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