Monday, June 30, 2008


Every now and then, I like to throw out a random topic that may or may not be making the media rounds. Tonight's is diversity.

Diversity is one of those things that sound good on paper and appeals to those who aren't burdened by thought. The diversity police tell us that certain groups of people need to be represented in certain quantities in order to...well, I'm not really sure exactly why. Something to do with equality I think. But that really doesn't make sense. After all, we are not all equal. Some of us are tall, some are short. Some of us are male, others are female. Some of us can lift heavy objects, others can do calculus. There are nice people, and mean people. There are motivated folks, and total slackers. Even with only these few factors, how would you go about pigeon-holing these differences into neat little groups?

Add in other factors such as personal preferences, athletic ability, personality, or personal philosophy and then you have an impossible combination of diversities to sort and segregate. So even with such an impossible equation of human differences, guess how a typical liberal decides to divide us up. Skin color and/or gender.

Of all the ways to figure out who may or may not be best to fill a certain role, liberals choose something as pointless as the color of one's skin. Then, when a biological difference may actually need to be considered, liberals turn a blind eye.

Think about it. Imagine being being put into a burning building. Your only means of rescue is a panel on the wall. The panel has two buttons. One marked "male firefighter", and the other marked "female firefighter". Which would a reasonable person choose? The "male firefighter" of coarse. Especially if you're around the 200 lb area. A 200 lb liberal would get hung-up on political correctness and push the "female button"...and along with the petite firefighter, burn to death.

If the buttons were marked "black firefighter" and "white firefighter", it wouldn't matter which one you push. Or does it?

That might depend on whether or not affirmative action was involved. If not, your chances of being pulled out of the fire are probably even. If so, your choice is not as clear. Affirmative action demands that people be considered for jobs and other acceptances according to the color of their skin, not the content of their character...wait a minute. Didn't someone have a dream about that very thing never happening again? Oh yeah, Dr. Martin Luther King.
You see, affirmative action sends a mixed message to everyone involved. First, it tells the black man that he's a victim, simply by being born. It then assumes that a black guy couldn't possibly make it in life on his own merit. But then it also assumes that a black guy can excel in any role simply by being put there via affirmative action. So when he arrives at a job or class that he was never properly trained for, his less-than-stellar performance is automatically chalked up to blacks being less capable. In reality, he was probably no more or less capable than anyone else, he was just sped through the system to accommodate some vague diversity scheme.
In the real world, affirmative action is nothing more than a government imposed policy that does nothing more than insult blacks by implying they are in need of help...therefore, inferior. Of course, this does nothing to advance relations between blacks and whites.

Diversity should never be a goal. By rights, it should be nothing more than an interesting happenstance. In fact, if you're truly not a racist, you won't consider it at all.

As I listen to Senator Obamma try to sound educated on the issues of the day, I can't help but wonder where he would be today had affirmative action never existed. After all, his total lack of merit, understanding of the issues, and qualifications would have kept him far away from the Senate. But I'm sure that I am wrong about that, because that would mean that the Democrat party is inherently racist. And that would be crazy talk.

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JMK said...

"Diversity should never be a goal." (Roadhouse)


Diversity, itself is VALUE-NEUTRAL!

Diversity for diversity's sake is a disaster, because it puts a mere happenstance or "accident of birth" (ie. race or gender), thatgs that just "happen" to us, OVER actual accomplishments and abilities - things we actually improve, enhance and build.