Saturday, May 24, 2008


As a conservative, I have no problem saying that I pretty much despise everything that Ted Kennedy has done since the day he entered politics. But, as a human being, I must say that even this anti-American political enemy is not deserving of something as horrible as brain cancer. When I first heard that he had blacked-out, I must admit that I was hoping he had contracted something just serious enough to force him into retirement, but not seriously enough to effect his daily life. Unfortunately, fate has dealt him a grim set of cards.
I sincerely hope that he will make a speedy recovery, but I suspect that this is not going to happen due to the seriousness of that type of cancer. He is in my prayers.

Kennedy's situation is not without political irony. For years, the Left has been pushing for socialised health care and commonly cites countries like Cuba, Canada, and England as models for such a system. They also like to tell us how awful America's current health care system is. The words "crises" or "failing" are usually used to describe it. So this begs a few questions.
Why was Kennedy taken to an American hospital in Massachusetts after his seizure? Why has he still not been flown to Cuba where he can access the world's most advanced medical treatment? Surely a multi-millionaire such as Ted Kennedy could afford a ticket to Cuba? I know the leadership of Cuba would welcome him with open arms, if for no other reason than to make points with the media.
I just don't understand why the Kennedy family would settle for third-rate American medical care for the patriarch of their family. Love him or hate him, he is a living legend and deserves more than the primitive, abysmal care he would receive in the United States. I think that Micheal Moore and Nancy Pelosi should use the power of the bully pulpit to demand he be air-lifted to Cuba immediately for treatment.

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