Monday, May 5, 2008


When Ford Motor Company decided to court the gay market, I rolled my eyes and accepted it. After all, that is what the free market is all about...selling your product to as many people as possible. When I learned that Henry Ford was an anti-Semite, I moved on. After all, he's dead so who cares? When I watched the offensive commercial last year that involved a divorced father being "allowed" to join his ex-wife and children on a day trip in their new Ford product, I gritted my teeth and considered never buying another Ford. I had to mull it over though because I really like Mustangs and F-series trucks. After tonight, the "mulling" is over.
I saw a Ford commercial that caused me to lose all hope for humanity. OK, that may be a bit dramatic, but it did cause me to assume that the Ford Motor Company is no longer competent enough to build a car safe enough to transport my family around in.
The commercial in question focused on the foam that Ford puts in their seats. For years, they and every other car manufacturer known to man has used polymer based foams that have posed no problems thus far. Think about it, of all the problems you have had with your car, has the foam in your seat ever kept you up at night? No. In keeping with the "it ain't broke, so let's fix it" mentality that is infecting so many of America's institutions and traditions, Ford decided to drive up the cost of their vehicles by researching and developing a new soy based foam to replace the old-school foam they used to use. Yes, I said SOY!
Have we learned nothing from the folly of turning our food into fuel? Now, we're going to turn our food into a place to sit as well? It seems like we are tripping over ourselves trying to find new ways to make food more expensive and scarce. The worst part about this is the pride that Ford seems to have from making such a short-sighted decision. It's like bragging about discovering that you can wipe your butt with sand paper instead of Charmin.
In a related story, I would like to announce that I have recently purchased a 1972 CHEVROLET pick-up that I will be restoring as time and money permit. I passed on a Ford F-150.


James said...

That's right, if you saw the picture of that red camaro with the black roof and C5 wheels on my web site, well thats mine.

Seane-Anna said...

Ford's actions makes the slogan "Buy American" sound like a curse. My next car is going to be a Kia.