Sunday, April 13, 2008


Seriously. Is this the face of the modern-day Democrat party? Is this some sort of new plan to eliminate false accusations from the "right wing smear machine"? Put your ignorance and dementia on display for the whole world to see, leaving the "right" with no way to top you? I mean really! Could anything "made-up" by a right wing pundit be any more outrageous than what the Dem. front-runners are doing right in front of us?
Consider this. You have one candidate being caught in one lie after another trying to concoct a non-existent legacy. Her allegedly "brilliant" husband refuses to let sleeping dogs lay (I know there's a joke in there somewhere) by reminding us of her fuzzy memories as soon as they fall from the front page.
Then you have another candidate who claims to transcend racism and class envy, but every time we see him, he's trying to talk his way out of being caught making racist or elitist statements. Not to mention being a member of a racist/anti-American church for twenty years.

Note to Hillary: You have no political or leadership experience. It's too late to make some up now. There's a little thing called history, it's documented and archived. Even you are not powerful enough to escape it. Oh yeah, being married to a heart surgeon does not give you the ability to cut into someone's chest.

Note to Barrak: You have no political or leadership experience. I am a Pennsylvania voter. I am "bitter", but not because the government isn't wiping my butt for me. I'm bitter because you liberal nut-jobs are ruining my country. Even if I were not bitter, I would still "cling to guns" because it is my right to protect and defend my family and country. It is my right to "cling to religion" as I see fit, regardless of my bitterness. I am not anti-immigrant either. I'm anti- ILLEGAL immigrant. There is a difference. The fact that all of this escapes you is evidence of your elitist attitude. The fact that you publicly proclaim your Christianity, but dismiss and belittle Pennsylvanians who do the same, makes you a hypocrite and/or a lier.

Note to Democrat party: Is this the best you can do? Is this really what you want to win with?


Seane-Anna said...

Wonderful, straight from the heart analysis, R! I feel EXACTLY the same way.

"Putting The 'Dem' In Dementia". Priceless!

Dan O. said...

I agree with you completely. I just wish the republicans had a better candidate running against whoever wins the lie-fest on the dem side.