Saturday, April 5, 2008


Questions to ask your favorite environmentalists:

1. What caused the first and second ice ages to start?
2. What caused the ice ages to end?
3. Was man driving SUV's during those periods?
4. Why does the average temperature of other planets change at the same rate as Earth's?
5. Are there SUV's on Mars?
6. If Co2 is a pollutant, why does plant life require it to live?
7. Why does plant life thrive along the busiest highways where emissions are the most dense?
8. Why are animals incapable of walking around drilling rigs?
9. How can we predict the climate twenty years from now, but not next week?
10. Why are the following not factored into climate calculations? The sun, solar flares, sun spots, the Jet Stream, the Gulf Stream, the Earth's molten core, volcanoes, desert sand storms, and common sense.
11. How could we possibly know the global temperature, or rainfall averages prior to modern technology, when we can't accurately measure them today?
12. Who decided what the Earth's temperature is supposed to be?
13. How did they arrive at that particular number?

When Al Gore can answer these questions, I'll listen to him.


James said...

They also claim rapid rises in the Earth's temperature several times eons ago. I wonder what the cave men did then to cause those?

TheWatchman said...

Hey dude. I love these. I have heard several of them separately, but never put together. Would you mind if I posted them on my blog as well?

Roadhouse said...

Go for it. Please mention my blog though. THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS.