Sunday, October 26, 2008


Tools you will need:
1. Candidate willing to destroy America
2. Accommodating media
3. Easily distracted population
4. Poor public education system
5. Radical socialist agenda

Step one:
Find perfect candidate. Preferably a tall, handsome, articulate black male. Tall and handsome to project strength while seeming too adorable to be evil. Black to take full advantage of white guilt. This will also inoculate the candidate from serious criticism by claiming racism whenever someone disagrees with his policy. Ideally, the candidate should be a radical leftist with a silver tongue. This will insure that he will institute the proper "America killing" policies before the people realize what hit them.

Step two:
Create a media so bent on the destruction of those who do not agree with their agenda, that they are willing to sacrifice the country to assure their enemy's political demise. This will be useful for propaganda purposes. In the event that a long list of communist, terrorist, or or generally America hating associates should happen to plague your candidate, your media will be able to down-play his association with them and imply that the opposition is racist or "out of touch" for even asking about it. This will give your candidate "gravitas" and legitimacy where normally there would be neither.

Step Three:
Be sure your candidate is skilled in making his policies sound like spun gold. This is accomplished by the constant use of vague catch phrases, mottoes, and slogans. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Remember, the fewer details the better. The last thing you want is to have to elaborate on the consequences of your candidate's real agenda. As often as possible, use phrases like; middle class, working family, single mom, greed, corporate fat cats, right to choose, special interests, de-regulation, and any other vagaries that your team can come up with.

Step four:
Be sure that your candidate is elected coinciding with a congress that will accept and promote his agenda.

Step five:
The best agenda for destroying America is socialism. Therefore, your candidate will need to institute policies such as income re-distribution and nationalized health care under the guise of "fairness".

Step six:
You will need to institute an "entitlement mentality" among the populous. This can be done by promoting labor unions, increasing/extending unemployment benefits and controlling the public schools.

Step seven:
You will need to squelch the people's ability to hear opposing opinions or educate themselves. This is accomplished via the "fairness doctrine" and Internet taxation.

Step eight:
Nominate Supreme Court Justices that will allow you to shape and mold the Constitution as you see fit. This you will allow you to disregard the right of the unborn to live. It will also allow you to disregard the right of people to protect themselves from the criminal element and your new oppressive government. It will also allow you to confiscate personal property for government profit.

Step nine:
Demoralize your military by cutting their budget and rendering their accomplishments and sacrifices in Iraq moot. This is best accomplished by pulling out of Iraq before the Iraqis are ready to defend and govern themselves. You can also hasten the process by giving constitutional rights to terrorists picked up on the battlefield in other countries.

Step ten:
Destroy the value of the US dollar. This is best accomplished by increasing taxes on the "wealthy". This will result in lay-offs, fewer factory orders, higher prices on goods and services, and higher poverty rates. Also, continue to promote the idea of giving loans to people who would not normally be able to afford them.

This ten step program (if properly implemented) is your best bet for the absolute destruction of the United States.


ZACK said...

I love ya Roadhouse, but I think you are reaching across the aisle with one hand and scratching your ass with the other concerning this post.

I don't think him being black has anything to do with whether he's qualified or not. That's what happens when you let Sarah Palin, Fox News, John McCain and Cindy's fear of black person (as evidenced in her rudeness to people of color) make you drink the McCain "prune juice" - [pun on the Kool-Aid comparison].

The real problem right now is that Americans are pissed off with ALL politicians. We are like the housewife who knows that her husband's been cheating. But this time, we walked in on him cheating with his "financial" planner. And that's the last straw.

It's not that Obama's that much better than McCain. It's that he's slightly better. We know that each candidate lacks a big requirement for the job: Obama, experience; McCain, youth. But this is a prime example of a clothespin vote. Plus, anybody has got to be better than Bush. ANYBODY!!!!!

Still a good post, but you seem to subconsciously bring up race even when it's not necessary. Me thinks you need to leave the country and head to the inner city every once in a while.

Dwane T. said...

Step One,

Stereotype: Black men are style and not substance
Stereotype: Black men are liars
Stereotype: Black men are secretly plotting to steal your money
Stereotype: Black politicians are socialists.
Stereotype: Black men are destructive.
Stereotype: Blacks play on White sympathy.
Stereotype: Black men are "killers"

Usually I read your entire blog, but I didn't get past step one this time. You may not have intended to give an updated version of "Birth of a Nation" in this blog, but it happened.

Based on your description, how can you separate Obama from any other tall, handsome, articulate Black male candidate running for any office who is not a Republican or a Conservative. How can they prove they are not just "a radical leftist with a silver tongue" who is benefitting from "white guilt". Is there such a thing as a legitimate Black Candidate that is not a republican or conservative? There are black candidates running all over the country who seem to fit the description you gave, but those are all stereotypes that have been used to discredit and justify attacking blacks for years. The stereotyping is ALWAYS the starting point, and made more credible by the non-racially based "facts" that follow.

You can call Obama a lot of things, but on January 20, 2009 his official title will be "Mr. President."

Dwane T. said...

Me again. Just to give some background on the existence and perpetuation of those stereotypes by people who don't even know they are stereotypes, I suggest the book "Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies & Bucks" by Thomas Bogle. The stereotypes get refined over time, but they are still the same basic stereotypes.

Europe said...

Roadhouse, don't agree with all this, but I feel you man. Step two, six, eight is hitting the nail on the head. I would also add + take respect for political views from everyone, that way your friends, co-workers and family will be piss off at you for you views. Only In America Brother, Only In America.

Roadhouse said...

I think you might have read a little too much into my article. As far as I am concerened, a man's skin color has nothing to do with his ability to govern. But to the DNC, a man's skin color is a tool that can be used to futher a socialist agenda. It's a very effective tool at that. Hence the assertion.

Are you going to tell me that there are record numbers of blacks going to political rallys across America for the first time, because they love socialism?

Both Obama and his campaign have claimed racism at virtually every criticism of his policies.
Obama has gone as far as Europe to make politcal hay out of his skin color. Let's not forget his "afro-centric" (racist) spritual mentorship under Jeremiah Wright.

This red herring of racism on behalf of the McCain campaign is even permiating one of my favorite blogs (Go Zack). If there was evidence of Palin or McCain being racists, or "rudeness to black people" it would be all over the news 24/7.

You're right about the "clothespin" thing. That's why I don't spend a lot of time talking about McCain. But at the end of the day, I can always take comfort in him NOT being a socialist, economy destroying, racist.

And Bush isn't running this year.

Roadhouse said...

Dwayne T,
You mis-read my article. I did not use those stereotypes. I implied that the Obama camp and the DNC are using Obama's skin color as a tool to get him elected.
Blacks do not fit the stereotypes you asserted, but Obama does (except the "killers" one). He is all of the above...regardless of his color.

You seem to be proving my point that when someone criticises Obama's plans or policies, it's because they are racist. It couldn't possibly be because he's just plain wrong on the issues.

Dwayne T. Said: "Based on your description, how can you separate Obama from any other tall, handsome, articulate Black male candidate running for any office who is not a Republican or a Conservative."

Easy, he's the one who's a socialist.

Dwane T. said: "How can they prove they are not just "a radical leftist with a silver tongue" who is benefitting from "white guilt"."

Easy, they can start by not hanging out and associating with radical leftists, and then by not saying radical leftist things and having a radical leftist voting record...all things that Obama has done.

Dwayne T. said: "Is there such a thing as a legitimate Black Candidate that is not a republican or conservative?"

I don't judge candidates by skin color, so it's kind of a moot point. The DNC chose Obama. It's not my fault he's a socialist with a lot of bad people hiding in his closet.

Kofi Bofah said...


Kofi Bofah said...

Let me give you a dose of your own medicine, Mr. Truck Driver. Let's evaluate your top 3.

What about the G.O.P. deity that is Ronald Reagan?

1: Reagan was a Hollywood actor; with a glint of mischief in his twinkling eyes. I think we could describe Reagan as handsome.

2: The media has been in love with Reagan for 20 years. Even Democrats such as Bill Clinton admired his policies of tax cuts, international trade, and deregulation. Reaganomics has been forced onto society by the media until this recent *credit debacle.

3: 'trickle down economics,' 'tear down that wall,' etc. Reagan had no clear cut plan, other than speeches and a vague promise to cripple The Soviet Union. He was an outsider, promoting an agenda of rhetoric.

Although my stance is liberal; I think we all may agree that Ronald Reagan was an effective president. Besides party affiliations, the parallels between Obama and Reagan are striking.

*Still, I hope that you recognize that a lot of today's turmoil has been fostered by Reaganomics. The value of the dollar has been ravaged due to Republican deficit spending. In the words of your vice president:

'Reagan proved that deficits don't matter.'
---Dick Cheney

Roadhouse said...

Thanks for checkin' in. New readers are always a good thing.

Now to your points.

As I recall, Reagan was elected after long history of executive experience. His speeches left no question about where he stood on substantive issues and his true idiological perspective. Unlike Obama, his slogans were few and rarely repeated.
His policies and their effect on the economy following the Carter era recession left no doubt that he knew what he was doing.
As for the press, they regularly mocked him for his age and Hollywood roots. From Don Henley's "tired old man that we elected king" line, to daily op-eds, Reagan was no hero of the media.
He was savagely ridiculed for his "Strategic Defense Initiative" that could be further along if not for the media's short-sighted "star wars" jokes. They also flipped out when he fired the striking air traffic controllers.

Reagan delivered on his "vague promise" to cripple the Soviet Union and save our economy.

Today's economic turmoil has been fostered because of a DEPARTURE from "Reaganomics" and implimentation of liberal policies such as not drilling for oil until new technologies can be developed, and forcing mortgage lenders to give loans to those who cannot afford to repay them.

Deficits do not matter, providing that you don't allow them to balloon to the point they are currently. Massive government spending is a liberal concept that is infecting the Republican party as we speak. That's why Republicans are in the mess they're in...they're posing as liberals.

Stop in anytime.