Friday, October 31, 2008


I've never mentioned it before, but in addition to being a Dad, Husband, truck driver, and hack writer, I am also an inventor in my spare time. My most recent creation is a computer attachment that allows me to retrieve blogs from the future. I built it with parts borrowed from old washing machines and a generator from a 73' R-model Mack. The following is a Roadhouse blog article from the year 2012.

In a shocking, yet ironic turn of events today, Radio and TV personality Tavis Smiley was indicted today under recently legislated federal fairness doctrine statutes. Forgive me for not crying my eyes out. Don't get me wrong, I supported his valiant effort to protest the fairness doctrine through the use of civil disobedience. His on-air broadcast of solely his own opinion was to be a gateway to a Supreme Court case that would overturn the Obama administration's fairness doctrine legislation. Unfortunately, Mr. Smiley forgot about the two leftist Justices recently appointed by President Obama. After carefully researching case precedents from both Germany and France, the Supreme Court ruled against Smiley and placed him under the custody of the state.

It is ironic that Smiley had so heartily endorsed Obama's campaign despite repeated warnings from the "right wing" regarding Obama's long list of socialist statements and associates. Smiley stood by as one conservative talk show host after another fell prey to the fairness doctrine, either through license denial, format change or prosecution. It was only after Smiley was fined for not allowing the appropriate amount of "opposing response" during an on-air discussion about the first amendment that he saw a problem with the fairness doctrine. In protest, Tavis Smiley returned to the airwaves the next day and publicly criticized President Obama's understanding of the first amendment. He was immediately arrested.

Now Smiley can talk all day long, but the only one who will hear him is his cell mate.

On the bright side, now that my blog has gone "underground" I get a sensation of being rebellious that I haven't felt since I was a teenager. My only fear is that if I get caught blogging without "opposing response" I will be sent to jail and not see my children. But now that the fairness doctrine is being applied to the blogosphere, I feel compelled to fight against it even more than before.
Another silver lining to the Obama cloud is that now that I've been layed off from my job, I get to spend more time with my kids and more time blogging as well. And why not? Since Obama has decided to "spread the wealth around" for the past four years, I don't need to work anyway. I just sit back and let the government checks roll in.

In other blog news, unemployment has surpassed 23% this week with no signs of pulling back. The Obama administration is scrambling to find out why. Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress have raised taxes three times this year alone and tightened regulation across the board on all remaining industries. Yet they can't figure out why so many companies have either gone to other countries or simply closed their doors. Duh!

Better still, now that inflation has driven the price of even the most common products through the roof, some former Obama supporters are asking when his "change" and "hope" policies are going to result in prosperity or even basic sustenance. When Vice President Biden was asked why toilet paper is now two dollars a roll, he was quoted as saying "Gird your loins" and walked away.
Now that the price of gas is $7.00 a gallon, some of the more liberal blogs are starting to criticize Obama for taking so long to bring us the wind/solar powered cars that he said would bring us "hope" and "change". They just don't understand why people aren't clambering to invest in such technologies while "Captain Tax-meister" is in office.

I said it way back in 2008, and I said it when Iran nuked Israel..."Liberalism is a mental disorder".


JMK said...

One of the ironies is that most often, when Leftists come to power, many of their primary targets are usually other, more conscientious, Leftists.

Mussolini had been the head of Italy's Socialist Party before coming to power there. When he gained power, his first order of business was to target Italy's Left.

Stalin's first purges were of academics and other Leftists who opposed the brutal repressions Stalin initially instituted.

Saying that, Obama is almost certainly not Stalin....not by a long shot.

Believe this, the Dems are NOT the only Leftists in this country. Liberal economic policy (Keynesianism) has been advanced by many in the GOP too!

The illegal immigration "SHAMnesty Bill" was the "McCain/Kennedy" Bill. The Bush administration gleefully signed onto to both last spring's stimulus package AND the current, burgeoning "bailout package."

Ironically enough, the current bailout package has NOT stimulated more reckless lending as all Keynesians have wanted, but instead, credit has tightened, while bigger banks have used the monies to buy out smaller and troubled banks AND for bonueses and such!

In case your wondering, THAT TOO, is "redistribution of the wealth." Only in THAT case it is redistributing wealth FROM poorer, working people to huge institutions!

We NEED another Gingrich or a Reagan, but as of now, none has arrived on the political scene...YET.

MommylovesRJ said...

Frightening...yet not altogether unreasonable. I can see it for the possible reality. {{{Shudder}}}