Saturday, March 28, 2009


Presidents don't go on late night TV shows.
Presidents don't "reach out" to terrorists.
Presidents don't enter the oval office without a jacket and tie.
Presidents don't complain about being "couped up" in the White House, especially in their first few weeks in office.
Presidents don't flub the oath of office.
Presidents don't even consider making soldiers pay for their own medical care.
Presidents don't have time for "brackets".
Presidents don't plan to cut military spending in a time of war...or a time of peace.
Presidents don't plan to cut weapons development in a time of war...or a time of peace.
Presidents don't publicly blame previous administrations for their problems.
Presidents don't "market" their policies via TV and radio commercials.
Presidents don't encourage class envy or threaten the use of their office to get back privately contracted bonuses from private citizens, especially when they knew about them beforehand.
Presidents don't embarrass the nation by giving a gift of DVD's to British Priministers.
Presidents don't advocate socialism (nationalized - health care, banks, car manufacturers, insurance companies, etc. etc.).
Presidents don't promote hoaxes like man-made global warming.
Presidents don't grant constitutional rights to foreign terrorists.
Presidents don't take constitutional rights from babies in or out of the womb.
Presidents don't spend the tax payer's money as if it were in limitless supply.
Presidents don't spend more time in front of the camera than in front of their desk.
Presidents don't believe in "spreading the wealth" from the achievers to the slackers.
Presidents don't appoint tax cheats to any position.
Presidents don't giggle about America in recession.
Presidents don't need to have the media hold their hand and wipe their noses for them.
Presidents don't institute socialism, they destroy it.
Presidents don't distrust the free market.
Presidents don't assume the government is smarter than the American people.

Presidents don't do any of these things...until now.


Dan O. said...

It gets scarier every freakin' day. And there are people out there who agree with everything he does. Even scarier.

There's a talk show host in Cleveland, Mike Trivisonno (see earlier post of mine) who's always saying he's glad he's on the "back nine" of life with the direction things are going.

I agree with him. Makes me want to cry how stupid people are.

Roadhouse said...

Dan O.,
I was talking to some older truck drivers I work with and they said the same thing. I jokingly told them that they were lucky they were old, because I was probably going to have to live with the consequences of this insanity for at least another 40 years or so.

Seane-Anna said...

Brilliant! And you know what question I'm going to ask. Can I, puh-leeze?

Roadhouse said...

As always, of coarse.

James said...

You could now add,'Presidents don't bow down to other Heads of State.

Marty Robinson said...

I just discovered you today on a blog about the tea parties in Hagerstown, MD, where I live. Through your well-stated rebuttals to the lib there, I ventured to find your blog and have shared it with many, many people via Facebook this evening ... it's brilliant. My only comment on this article is about Obama taking the oath. I will preface my comment by saying I completely cannot stand President Obama, I think he is nothing less than complete disaster for our country. That whole oath issue was really Chief Justice Roberts' fault ... in fact, Obama hesitated when Roberts said it incorrectly, and waited for the Chief Justice to restate it correctly.

That's all I have to say ... I have bookmarked your blog and am already a faithful fan! Thanks for your efforts!


Roadhouse said...

Welcome aboard Marty!