Thursday, March 5, 2009


In recent weeks, I have watched in awe as the bulk of the mainstream media has tried to destroy the credibility of conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh. For what? Daring to say that he hopes President Obama fails. From Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel lying about Limbaugh's comments on the media circuit, to Obama himself suggesting to Congress that they stop listening to him, this is my first recollection of a Presidential administration publicly trying to destroy the career of a private citizen. I guess that since President Obama has solved the economic crises, terrorist threat, Middle East crises, crime, illegal immigration, unemployment, AIDs, and other various problems facing us today, he finds himself with an abundance of time to devote to picking on those who see things differently than him.

So, what about Rush's comment? He said he wants Obama to fail. What's so controversial about that? I want him to fail too. Not only do I want him to fail, but I want him to fail so miserably and mired in such embarrassment that no other socialist will ever dare to try such an agenda for the rest of time. I want his name to be synonymous with failure and defeat. Nothing personal though.
To understand why anyone would want to see an American President fail, you need to understand what that particular President hopes to accomplish. It's not that I want him to fail as a person, husband or father. I want his agenda to fail. Most importantly, BEFORE it has a chance to have it's inevitable effect on our nation.
Think about it. Do you want socialized health care to be instituted here? Of course not. Do you want "cap and trade" to be instituted here? Of course not. Do you want the military's budget to be cut? Of course not. Do you want your second amendment rights taken away? Of coarse not? Do you want America to become part of some global union? Of course not? Do you want higher taxes or their resulting price increases? Of course not. Do you want terrorists to think their tactics will gain them legitimacy? Of course not. Do you want our economy to fail due to policies that make no fiscal sense? Of course not. Do you want to be unemployed? Of course not. Do you want to be left defenseless against enemy missile technology? Of course not. Do you want to see "card check" forced onto the business community? Of course not. Do you want to see unlimited abortions without parental consent? Of course not. Do you want to see amnesty for illegal aliens? Of course not. Do you want to see the incentive for people to pay their mortgage disappear? Of course not. Do you want to be forced to pay other people's mortgages? Of course not.

You know, come to think of it, I can't think of one thing that I want the Obama administration to succeed at.


Seane-Anna said...

"I can't think of one thing that I want the Obama administration to succeed at." Me,neither.

Seane-Anna said...

I just thought of one thing I want the Obama administration to succeed at: being a one term regime. said...

Seane Anna said the right thing. A one term president is a good thing. Maybe even an impeached one....his policies will destroy the fabric of this nation.


emptysuit said...

The media has twisted the comments that Rush made, I heard that show that day and Rush was talking about Obama socialized plans. People has targeted Rush because he is one of the driving forces for conservatives. If you read many of these blogs, they have made Rush the leader of the Conservative Party. Rush Is not he leader of the Conservative Party but is is the most out spoken and happens to have the most listened to radio show. You have many young people that are new to politics and economics. They read a few books/blogs/websites and listen to SNL and think they are experts. Many are under the age of 27 and has no clue of what has happened in the past 50 years other than what they read with is altered by the left media. So when you have a person like Rush that has been in the political scene over 20 years and is against the grain of the left they attack him on every issue. If you look at the Obama plan and actually read it, You would it to fail also, any business that has to deal with taxes, health care, retirement, and insurance know the risk that Obama is planing. Many of the bloggers and commentors have no clue on running multi million dollar business and most dont work, pay taxes, don't own homes, and always want something for nothing. This is why they like Obama, lier as dangled a dollar in their faces and they follow like junkies looking for a fix. There is nothing wrong with Rush's comment, Obama wants people to stop listening to Rush, this is saying Obama want Rush to fail, but the media is not making an issue about this. Great Post.

Kofi Bofah said...

My thing is.

Isn't stating that you wish for the U.S. President to Fail = You want America to Fail?

But Republicans are always carrying the Flag of Patriotism.

How is this Patriotic?

For all of Bush's gaffes - I personally took offense when Chavez referred to him as the Devil and I then even refused to patronize Citgo.

He was still my President - even if I disagreed with the majority of his Policy. Likewise, Obama is your President and we should all pull for him to succeed for the betterment of the Nation.

Anonymous said...

Rush Makes 100 million a year saying whatever it takes to keep you fools listening to him so he can pay for his gluttonous lifestyle which includes, among other things, body guards, over eating, drugs and prostitutes, for which he apparently requires viagra. (can't quite figure out that one) Also, to feel REALLY IMPORTANT.

And he has created a following of Ditto-heads, who like him because he tells them they are "special in their own way" and are "in the know" because he is giving them "special knowledge" and that, what ever has happened, it's not their fault. It's the liberals.

The human race gets pretty disgusting sometimes. I think it's time for another flood.

Roadhouse said...

Let's say that your observation of Limbaugh's "lifestyle" has any truth or relavance. What does it have to do with any one of his assertions on any topic at all?

If you can dispute something he's said, please do so. This is a great venue for such a discussion. If not, personal insults are pretty much an admission that you have no idea what your're talking about.

Roadhouse said...

Hoping the President fails is in no way akin to hoping America fails. Especially when his stated policies will in all likelyhood lead to the failure of America.

I could gladly wish him success if his plans and policies were not so damaging...but they are. It's not my fault that I've been listening to his words for the past two years. It's also not my fault that he's said and done the things he has.

If I were living in pre-Stalin Russia, I'd want HIM to fail too. If I were living in pre-Hitler Germany, I'd want HIM to fail as well.

You're right about Citgo though...there may be hope for you yet.

Marty Robinson said...

"If I were living in pre-Stalin Russia, I'd want HIM to fail too. If I were living in pre-Hitler Germany, I'd want HIM to fail as well."

This is the BEST analogy I've heard yet about the whole "support our President" crap people give me ... UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!

Marty : )