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The other day, I was making my usual rounds across the blogosphere when I was introduced to the concept of a "guest author" courtesy of one of my regular haunts - GO ZACK blog http://gozack.blogspot.com/. Being a rookie in the blog world, I had not heard of this before, but was impressed with the idea. In a world where our egos tend to do the driving, it seems to me that some humility, magnanimity, and basic generosity are traits we should all explore now and then. Having someone else take the wheel of something you put personal effort into seems to be a great way to that.
Though technically the following is not a an article by a guest author, it is actually a short essay I lifted from the comment box of my last blog. Written by "JMK" at Working Class Conservative blog http://workingclassconservative.blogspot.com/, it seemed to be too well written and too relevant to the subject to be relegated to the comment box of my blog. I offer JMK's comments as the perfect followup to my previous article.

JMK Wrote the following in response to my article "Break Over":
This is part of an incrementally increasing problem in my view.It's generational and it's generational because we are seeing the generational impact of the loss of our national "rugged individualism" and our respect for self reliance and Liberty with each passing decade. I can see the trajectory very clearly in my own family, my grandparents were incredibly self reliant. They not only "never asked for anything, " they never expected much" from their fellow citizens, whom they knew were as busy as they were, nor their government.
My Dad's generation was reared in the Great Depression, he fought in WW II and Korea and then came out and worked 38 years in the FDNY during the "riot years" in some of the busiest firehouses in NYC.That guy never had an easy day in his life and never expected less. While he wasn't quite as self-sufficient as my grandfather, who built his own house with a single friend, he was self reliant enough. It was that generation that made the first mis-step and they made it out of the best of intentions.
After WW II America's was the only economy left standing and times were good....real good. The GI Bill allowed millions of men who'd never been able to get into to College in the past, get in and go. In turn, they sought to make their kid's lives as easy as possible. Yes, there was discipline and chores and expectations, but they were the first generation to give more and expect less from their kids. After that, the flood gates opened. The generation that grew up in the sick 1960s saw "discipline as punishment" and saw "tolerance" and "not judging" as the highest moral dictates....and THEY raised a generation of, while not entirely, overwhelmingly spoiled, self-centered brats...and now some of those lost souls are breeding yet another generation that seems the least connected, the least self-motivated and most dependent and entitled YET!
The question is, where do we go from here? Will the coming economic tsunami intensify beyond our wildest imaginings - there are some DOPES who think the current economy is "the worst since the Great Depression", when it actually pales in comparison to the Carter years - taking into account how limited those imaginings are? And if it does, will it refocus us on the things that made America great - that self reliance, private property rights, individualism....OR will it result in a weakened generation simply surrendering and giving in to total dependency?
If it's the former, we may reclaim our greatness.
If it's the latter, we may well wind up serfs to a growing and avaricious Chinese empire...and deservedly so.

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JMK said...


I am very honored to be your first guest author...I'd like to look into that same sort of thing.

Maybe you could help me out with that.

At any rate, I believe we're living through some of the darkest days for Conservatism (partly our fault...or at least the Moderate wing of the GOP's fault)...and perhaps some of the darkest days for Liberty.

I think we, as Conservatives, have to proceed both cautiously and intelligently.

For the record, I don't believe that mainstream Democrats like Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel are looking to destroy our economy...I think they are, like folks such as Paul Krugman, woefully misguided.

In my view and this is merely my opinion, I think the worst thing we, as Conservatives, can do, is to react the way the far-Left has over the previous eight years.

They politicized a war and rooted for a bad economy....whether that's a "winning strategy" or not, I find it repulsive and beneath us.

For whatever reasons (and there are probably a host of them) Conservatives are generally not as adept at communication, nor as media savvy as Liberals and that has sadly resulted in our ceding most of the media, the arts and education to the Liberals...and that has been to ours and the nations great detriment.

Now, a credit crisis triggered global financial meltdown, caused by Keynesian policy form BOTH Right and Left - the Kempian misconception called "the Ownership Society" which has become one of the pilars of "Compassionate Conservatism" from the Right AND the Frank/Dodd "Credit Socialism" behind the turbo-charged CRA and the blocking of the needed regulation and oversight (called for by BOTH Bush & McCain) for the GSEs from the Left...has been blamed entirely on "Conservativism" since Bush (who, ironically enough, governed as a Keynesian his last six years) was President when it hit.

Unfortunately for all of us, this has resulted in a repudiation of the very policies, in fact, the ONLY policies (Supply Side policies) that work and would turn this economy around....BUT, our response CANNOT be anger, it has to be enlightenment and reaching out to those we disagree with.

I get disheartened when I hear Conservsatives I like and respect melt down in the midst of distress, as it's times like these when we most need to stand resolute.

As an example, I like Seane-Anna at Poorgrrlzone very much and she is a very talented and passionate writer, BUT her reacting to Obama's win much the same way the far-Left did over G W Bush worries me a LOT.

We rightly derided BDS....the last thing we need is ODS!

Conservatives CANNOT afford to marginalize themselves at this moment most of all!

Bottom-line, we lived through Jimmy Carter and we'll survive Barack Obama just fine.

Jimmy Carter's administration delivered 4 straight years of DOUBE DIGIT Misery Indexes or MI (the Inflation Rate and the Unemployment Rate added together). The MI averaged a staggering 16.2 per year during his tenure, peaking at an astounding 21 in 1980...the HIGHEST (or WORST) Misery Index since those numbers were kept.

During Carter's tenure we had STAGFLATION (double digit unemployment, inflation and interest rates), again, for the first time since WW II and thankfully (THANKS largely to Ronald Reagan) the last time we suffered that kind of economic misery or "malaise."

If Obama fails to improve things by 2010 and things, in fact, get worse, we'll have a massive GOP takeover of Congress that year. IF that is NOT a Conservative-led Congress, than that will all be for naught. If we're able, and fortunate enough, to get a 2nd Gingrich Congress, Obama may just wind up being a second Bill Clinton, as he's appeared to be far more a pragmatist than a Leftist idealist.

What I'm saying is that I'm (almost) SURE that we'll be alright. The American people aren't stupid.

McCain deserved to LOSE, because, among other things, he ran an embarassingly inept campaign. If Obama fails to "deliver the goods" he'll lose too, but honestly, I'd rather not root for that....I'd prefer to see the fiscal realities force the Obama administration to act more pragmatic, than idealistic.

Though that may be unlikely, it's not impossible.

A question ALL Conservatives SHOULD ask themselves is, "Do you really think a McCain administration would've been more Conservative than the cabinet that Obama's put together - keeping Robert gates as SoD, appointing Republican AZ Governor, Janet Napolitano head of homeland Security and appointing a pretty market-oriented economics team?

I think McCain would've done the same, that is the reverse of Obama - he'd have packed his cabinet with Left-of-Center appointments to placate the Left and the media.

Now's not the time for anger.

Now's the time for outreach and education...helping more people understand what Liberty is and why property rights and the market-based economy are so important!

Oh yeah, and THANKS very much, once again.