Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I've had to do alot of soul searching in the past 24 hours. Granted, though I knew there could be no other outcome to this election, the one thing I had forgotten to factor-in was my own reaction to this tragedy. But as the reality of an Obama Presidency and it's consequences set in, I found myself getting more and more depressed. For those who don't follow politics or understand the dynamics of freedom and liberty, my reaction may seem irrational. In fact, South Park did a pretty funny episode about that tonight. But for the rest of you, I'm sure you can relate.
As I told an equally depressed co-worker today, if this had happened when I was younger I suspect that I would be far less fearfull today. I'm sure that after a few beers, I probably wouldn't have given a crap at all. But today, things are different. Now I'm a father and a husband. I have responsibilities. Now I have a family that depends on me to maintain a level head.
So as the daunting reality of our nation electing a socialist, anti-business, anti-defense President hits home, I realize that I have a decision to make. I can spiral into a depression that would render me useless as a father and a husband, or I can be a man about it. I've chosen the latter.

Though the incremental destruction of America will bring much "change" for the worse, I know that in my heart and mind, other things will be as true as ever...regardless of who resides in the White House.
I know that babies will still have the basic human right to live. I know that raising taxes will still not create prosperity. I know that terrorism is still not a legitimate method of resolving grievances. I know that people still have the right to defend themselves against the criminal element. The fact that Barak Obama disagrees with each of those truths, will not change the fact that they are truths.
If ever there was a time that I wish I were wrong about someone, it is now. But if history and Obama's own words and deeds are any indication, I fear that I'm not.

Being a Christian man demands that I take a long hard look at myself from time to time. Today, I see that I need to let go of my anger and disappointment in my fellow citizens. I also need to find forgiveness. For now, all I can do is pray that God will grant President-elect Obama wisdom, and humility before he implements his destructive policies. I pray that those who voted for him will have the good sense to carefully watch his actions and hold him accountable before he can harm the nation. I pray that people (ALL people) learn the lessons of history. But most of all, I pray that I am wrong about President Barak Obama.


JMK said...

Roady, let's be realistic about all this.

The GOP has been just as guilty of moving this country Left. They've merely done it incrementally.

Let's face it, not only is the MSM, academia and most of the political class Left-wing, so is much, if not most of Wall Street!

Post-Gingrich the GOP has shit the bed.....they've run away from Conservativism.

I feared that a McCain win would only bolsster the Left-wing of the GOP the "Moderate"/Country Club Republicans....instead they've been repudiated!

Now what?

Well, we've been on a very Keynesian path since 2007 and the Bush administration has signed onto virtually ALL of it.

This isn't team sports, this isn't Red vs Blue, its Conservatism (LIBERTY) versus Liberalism (State Slavery).

It will almost certainly get gloomier before the dawn, but the lines are clearer today....take heart, the whites of their eyes are coming into view.

We have an enemy of Conservatism in the Left-wing of the GOP...they've been wounded, the Liberals are on the move and the battle lines are clearly in focus today as they haven't been since the Carter days.

We (Conservatives and Americanists) NEEDED this!

ZACK said...

I'm praying for the same thing too Roadhouse. But I already got my answer. It's in the Bible, not the Republican handbook.

Time will tell if we made the right decision or not. But until then, I think we all should be quiet so that time can speak for itself.

archer said...

yeah, let's all just be quiet. that's it.


roadhouse, there are a number of points that you've made here that i have made to friends, virtually word for word, and, as with you, bottomline, this is where i'm at:

"But most of all, I pray that I am wrong about President Barak Obama."

Kofi Bofah said...

jmk, you are misinformed.

Wall-Street left-wingers?

Read the Wall-Street Journal op-ed section. The commentary is obviously biased toward the right.

This is crazy talk.

'A tragedy?'


Roadhouse said...

I don't think JMK refered to the Wall Street Journal, he was refering to the Wall Street establishment as a whole.

As we speak, the Wall Street establishment is abandoning conservative principals for the liberal "quick fix" of government bailouts. Like beggers on the corner, they look to the tax payer to fix the messes they've created for themselves.