Saturday, August 23, 2008


Like everyone, I was eagerly awaiting "Comrade Hopeski's" choice for Vice President. I must admit, I was sure he would pick Hillary. After all, I was under the impression that he actually wanted to win. I almost choked on my Golden Grahams this morning when I saw that he had picked Senator Joe Biden.
Think about it. If you have based your entire campaign on the idea of "change", why in the world would you pick one of the most none-"change" oriented people in Congress? To change, you would do something different, not status quo. Who's more status quo than Joe Biden? But that's just for starters.

With this pick, he has single-handedly alienated every female voter who had formerly supported Hillary Clinton and might have accepted an Obama/Clinton ticket. We already knew he was a racist, but now he looks like a sexist as well.

Then there is Biden's personality. I have seen enough of his antics on the Senate floor and in Congressional hearings to safely say that this man is a class "A" jerk. His condescending attitude and snideness is surely going to become a liability to Obama. Then again, maybe he chose Biden because he wanted someone who could make him look less arrogant. In that case, it was a genius pick.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not sure that McCain is going to make the right choice either. That pick will probably be what decides the election, and I'm biting my fingernails as we speak. In any case, it is going to be fun watching Obama try to convince people that his administration is about "unity" and "change" while Biden shoots his mouth off and looks down his nose at everyone he disagrees with. Then we can marvel at Obama as he tries to convince us how experienced he is while having a veteran Sentor as a VP. That's akin to Robin driving the Batmobile and Batman being forced to play second banana.
Let's not forget that only months ago, Biden went on record saying that he felt Obama was not ready for the Presedency.

For now, we'll all have the fun of watching the endless hours of Biden's greatest hits from the C-SPAN archives. Plus any new ones between now and November.


ZACK said...

This was an entertaining and intellectual analysis of today's event. Maybe MSNBC should hire you instead of that emotional basketcase Keith Olbermann.

I may vote for McCain if he chooses Huckabee. You're right. Obama will ONLY win because the voters want him so badly that they'll approve any running mate choice of his. But that's sad. It shows that we don't care about the political process like we used to.

Huckabee has a better appeal with young voters than Biden does. But now I see why Hillary is supposed to get an honorary roll call at the convention. It was all planned from the start.

This should be an interesting election this November. Very interesting.

Roadhouse said...

Thanks for checking in. I like Huckabee on a personal level, but his voting record pegs him as a closet liberal. We have too much of that already.

MSNBC would never hire me because I'm a conservative and I understand the issues.

JMK said...

Biden’s an odd pick EXCEPT that he brings some “age and experience” to a ticket lacking both.

Biden does NOT deliver any key state and he does nothing to mollify the growing Conservative or “Blue Dog” wing of the Democratic Party, which wanted Chet Edwards from Texas.

Anonymous said...

this blog makes me so excited to cast my ballot for Obama. Great job exposing the "mental disease" that is liberalism!

Roadhouse said...

Exposing it and making you see it are two different things.