Thursday, July 17, 2008


When I wrote my book, I opened by comparing my former liberal tendencies to having a sickness. Four years after writing that chapter, I find that I was more right than I even knew. As it turns out, liberalism really is a sickness, a mental disorder to be exact.
Think about it. If you consider how liberalism is applied to issues today, and the end result of doing so, you can only draw the conclusion that liberalism is akin to schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, or maybe autism.

A liberal will decry racism, but turn around and support racist policies such as affirmative action.
A liberal will not say a word when a woman kills her baby out of convenience, but has a cow when a murderer is sentenced to death.
A liberal claims to want an end to poverty, but villainieses those who become successful.
A liberal claims to want an end to poverty, but votes for those who are known to raise taxes.
A liberal claims to want an end to poverty, but supports policies like ethanol gasoline, and not drilling for oil...both of which raise the cost of pretty much everything.
A liberal complains about human rights abuses, but scorns the US military when they kill the abusers.
A liberal rails against imperialism and government power, but supports any policy that puts more power in the hands of government.
A liberal will harp about freedom of speech, but only speech they agree with.
A liberal will decry intervention in the affairs of other countries like Iraq, but demands intervention in Darfur and Tibet.
A liberal will demand something be done about North Korea's nukes, after voting against a missile defense system here in the US.
A liberal assumes intellectual superiority, but can't tell you what Obamma's policies are, don't know why we're in Iraq, thinks corporations pay taxes, thinks higher taxes on gas will bring down the price of gas, thinks the Earth's temperature didn't change until the automobile was invented, and thinks we can control the weather with lightbulbs and crappy cars.

These are only a few examples of how liberalism defies logic and reason, which are signs of mental disorder.


Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Roadhouse,
Hypocritical fake conservatism in action, so called pro life yet won't give a living wage to working folks, won't support headstart or afterschool programs, cuts library funding but hey claims pro-life. Pro death penalty, even though it costs a truckload more money to execute people than to give them life in prison, even though crime is down for decades, we build more prisons and always claim we need more guards and police although crime has been down for decades. Fake conservatives always holler for smaller goverment but want to get into everybody's personal business all the time. Fake conservatives always talk of the free market and deregulation even though in reality it is conservatives who say this has never worked. The Saving and Loans deregulated by Reagan and Phil Gramm, The theives looted it. Electricity in California deregulated, Enron, Duke Energy and all their buddies scammed and looted several states. People lost their life savings and are still waiting for justice. A true conservative is a realist, he knows that people are greedy and puts checks and balances in there ie regulation to make sure they don't run amock! The Airline industry deregulated in the 1980's, We see how that turned out, The Media industry deregulated, it ended diversity with smaller companies being gobbled up by large corporation who then gave us corporate approved playlists of 8 to 10 of the same songs on all the stations they own. They swallowed newspapers up and are firing staff and increasing the share price on a crappy newspaper. A true conservative would have said hey, one person or group should not be able to own everything. It could limit the peoples voice. It did. A few years ago Bush wanted to put Social Security in the hands of wall street, why? so a few choice players could make money off a service that meant as a safeguard for all the people. It wasn't meant to be a cashcow for wall street and we can see now with the mortgage mess we are in what unfettered deregulation has wrought. A true conservative can look at a mistake and realize we need to stop doing that. Not these so called conservative clowns!
Affirmative Action is in place because when it wasn't there were no people of color getting a chance, hardly ever. The so-called conservative movement is morally bankrupt, Conservatives have had power in the house and senate and presidency and we got the biggest deficit in history, another unpopular war which was really about a oil power grab and we have lost our standing in the world. Heck, we lost something here, never have our elections been accused of being unfair and corrupt. Never even when Clinton was at his lowest and couldn't get anything done did Clinton resort to appointing someone the congress clearly would not have confirmed behind thier backs!

Lastly about racism, sorry hoss but European-Americans are the last people with the least amount of moral authority to decry racism or reverse racism. E/A have locked out more people from just a fair chance to compete than any other group ever. Blacks could'nt vote everywhere unmolested in this country until after 1965 and this country was founded when?? 1776!
The Races couldn't marry until after 1969, Fair Housing was inacted until 1965. No, Liberal E/A are just as racist as so-called Conservatives. It just happens that conservatives always seem to use people of color most as their boogie men. Morally bankrupt!

In short Goverment policies are there because individuals have proven that left alone they would not be fair, they would not do the right thing!

Roadhouse said...

It would take me a week's worth of writing to explain the errors in your post. I just don't have that kind of time.

Please keep checking in though. It is the purpose of my blog to explain conservatism to people who have never been exposed to it or believe the media spin about it.

But first you need to stop equating crooks with conservatives. Conservatism is a philosophy, not a person's net worth.

Be patient with me. I have a rather slow, casual style of teaching, and conservativism isn't something that people embrace after only a few blog posts.

Dan O. said...

Obviously some libs never learned how to properly write cohesive, understandable sentences and paragraphs either.

Too busy with that liberal arts education instead of that useful stuff like reading and writing.

Everything is an abstraction to them. They thrive on paradoxical ideals like the ones you listed.

You were a lucky one. You weren't born liberal, i.e. mentally disabled. Probably just learned it from your surroundings until you were mature enough to think your way through the BS.

Born liberals aren't worth the time trying to point out the errors in their logic. The neurons just won't fire properly.

I enjoy reading your posts. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

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JMK said...
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